Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My mutated buttonhole bag

Here's what I finished at my son's soccer game last night. My daughter brought her knitting along and now her friend (another red-haired Elizabeth) is wanting to learn. Her mother is left-handed and knits, but asked if I could teach her daughter next week at the game, so it looks like I've got another little student. I think it would be cool to have a mothers & daughters knitting group, wouldn't it? Oh, crap, then I'd have to organize it, clean the house and all that crap. Maybe I could do a Panera or Borders thing. LATER, maybe this summer we'll start something. Heck, I can't even get to the groups I want to go to NOW. I think I'll just bring DD to the Yarn Store & More on a Thursday evening every so often for now.

Anyway, here's the bag with before & after shots. I am LOVING the psychedelic pattern the schaefer elaine yarn patterned up. Cool! I have about half the skein left, so I'm wanting to make a few changes to the pattern and see how it turns out. If I get something do-able, I'll put the pattern on the blog.

OH I was so proud of my little self! I used a mitered bottom (sounds so scary to novice knitters, but is just decreases on each side of markers) AND I did the three needle bind-off for the middle of the bottom. I was freaking out, put it off, went online and checked the knitting help sites I've got on my blog and it was SO not a big deal. I think I need to learn cables as everyone says they're easy as well. OH I was feeling like a real knitter last night. QUEEN OF THE NEEDLES! Modifying patterns, not afraid to try new things, who is this woman???

LOTS of work to do today, better get busy. dammit.

Today is a bluegrass kind of a day. Misty, cloudy, I'm feeling exceptionally mellow. Here's what I'm listening to if you're feeling bluegrass too.
DeskTopGrass is one of the free online radio stations at live365 where I have my free swing station the Dirty Martini Lounge. Cripes, it's no wonder I never get anything done around here...besides knitting....and eating...

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