Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm NOT knitting any more bags for one week.

Remember the lovely felted groove pre-felted pic I posted yesterday? Cute, no? Well, the after 2 washed pic looks the SAME as somehow I made the thing out of non-felting wool. Yup, I'm very pleased with myself. The yarn I used for the GOOD felted groove bag was Schaefer Esperanza, but I got it from the discount basket at my LYS and it didn't have the color name still attached. It was a green & yellow mixture of a color, I'm guessing from one of the older colorways as it's not on the current Schaefer website. I went back to the LYS but the last bit of esperanza walked out the door a day before I got there. :( I tried to use the Schaefer Elaine (my bumpy yarn I use for cool scarves) but APPARENTLY it doesn't felt. It's 99% wool and 1% nylon and something happened to it so it didn't do anything but get a tiny bit fuzzy. I don't even know if I can frog it and make a scarf with it or not. I am walking away from anything resembling a purse for at least one week. I have a serious addiction to felting bags it seems. I just started the Tempting from the last issue of Knitty in a pretty light golden yellow cotton & cashmere blend and have about 2 inches of the ribbing done on sz 8 needles. I'm going to order some more Esperanza from an online store and work some more on my felted groove bag, but I'm guessing it'll be a week or two before I get it here. Anyone had good luck ordering online? Any stores to recommend? I love the pooling of the schaefer yarn and really want to make more and get my pattern completed.

Diaramas will be the death of me. I swear if my daughter's teacher assigns ONE MORE FREAKING DIARAMA to be "created at home" I may have to get violent. seriously. I'm running out of shoe boxes and have no more tape, construction paper, ink in the printer, or creativity left in my brain. It's so bad that I used up all my regular shoe boxes from Target or whatever this year and it's down to the good stuff. I'm NOT giving up my nice shoe boxes. I now have one-half of one closet organized. My nice winter shoes are in their little boxes on the bottom of each shelf with the summer nice shoes sitting on top of each shelf. It's a pretty sight. I even went out to Target to get ANOTHER pair of cute mule strappy things JUST to have a shoe box I will give up for this crap. We had to create a rainforest and the box had to be entirely green inside and out. We painted over a series of days so it'd dry for the next step. We had to use ACTUAL little rainforest animals, no colored and cutout papers allowed, so we went out to walmart and Michael's and WHERE do you find little animals that live in the rainforest? We found safari animals, farm animals, sharks, fish, but NO STINKING RAINFOREST ANIMALS. We settled for a tube full of frogs of many colors. Beth wasn't too happy, but it was either that or paint a bunch of cows and sharks to look like something else. I suppose we could have created them from play-doh, but we only had 3 days and my patience level was pretty damn low. Box completed, delivered today. So far, we've done boxes of the ocean, a lake, the African desert, the great plains, the solar system and now the rainforest. There shouldn't be any form of life we have yet to do and not much time remaining in school, so I'm crossing my fingers.

I was looking forward to coming to knitting group tonight, but CAN'T MAKE IT AGAIN. Joey's got a school function I thought was TOMORROW night, so I'll be there from 7-8:30, then home to put kiddos to bed. I have GOT to get back on my little Franklin planner thing, as I'm forgetting EVERYTHING lately. I used to live by it, now I'm living by the seat of my pants, but I've either lost my touch or I'm getting old fast.

BAD hair day, not very motivated to work. I think Colleen said it best, the scariest thing about our little Kansas Attny General is that the guy spells his name with 2 L's. How freaky is that? Phill ????

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