Friday, April 22, 2005

Knitting and Phone Flirting do NOT mix for the Knitting Virgin

Well, last night I'm sitting watching tv, waiting for my Daily Show to start, kids are in bed, all is calm. Phone rings. Guess who? Yup, Jeff! He emailed his address for me earlier in the day and the subject line was "nice toes". THANK YOU SESSY TOES LADY! Plans have changed Sat. night from a casual get-together at his house that his friends organized previous to our date to now we're going to the comedy club with his best friend and his wife and then out for a few drinks afterwards. I am not normally a phone kind of person. I talk all the freaking time in person or blogging, but not so much on the phone. We talked for almost 2 hours.

As we're talking, I'm knitting away on my Tempting sweater, it's the easiest sweater on the face of the earth. You think I could do it, right? 2X2 rib, knit 2, purl 2, knit 2, purl 2, never ending cycle, knit on circs so there's not even any turns, just knit, purl, repeat. easy, huh? APPARENTLY NOT. I kept knitting 3 stitches by mistake, have to go back & frog and frogging rib is something I have to think about, as I kept ending up with twisted stitches. I'd get things straightened out, and a few minutes later, find another freaking twisted stitch. I'm trying not to say "MOTHER FUXXER" on the phone to the new prospective hunk as I'm sure that's a turn-off on the first few phone conversations to have the woman cussing like a drunk sailor.

We talked and talked and laughed and laughed...I'm telling you, this guy could be SERIOUSLY fun... and then I let fly a word or two quietly at a part of the conversation that it really wasn't appropriate...he got really REALLY quiet. I said, oh, um, I'm knitting and not doing a very good job of it, sorry... Once he realized I wasn't cussing at the fact that he is not a good dancer, but not afraid to try once he gets a couple of drinks in him, all was good. I ended up RIPPING the ENTIRE 6" of ribbing out and starting over. Had I learned my lesson? Did I pick up a simple garter stitch scarf? NO. I recast on and started over. What do we think happened??? Let's just say after two hours of talking the total knitting I'd accomplished on the sweater was NEGATIVE 7 INCHES I not only had to rip the original 5" done, but the 2" I'd done during the phone call. I am now the proud knitter with 144 stitches cast on and NOTHING done.

But, oh lord it was fun.... OK, so the skinny on the guy... He's only been divorced for 2 years (ugh), is a chemist, smart, funny, the best dad, SEXY (Oh LORD he's SEXY), and likes all kinds of music from country to rap to big band swing (he said that one before hearing about my strange musical tastes and love of the big band era), laid back, likes comedy shows, is very slightly uncomfortable around gay men, but not prejudiced as a lot of his ex-wife's friends were gay (actually a good thing as in my past I've attracted more than my share of not-quite-out-of-the-closet men so I had to rule that one out), and did I say he was yummy? I promised Jildo I would NOT say he's pretty, but he is.

I'm off to get my sessy toes did. I'm telling you, this dating crap is kind of fun...what to wear...little butterflies....all that crap. I'm all aflutter. I'm going to have to be on my good behavior as I have to remember he's a DAD at the same preschool as my son. You can't be a total tramp and jump the guy immediately and then show up for a sing & dance circle time with the kids. Can't you imagine how WEIRD it would be to have to do the hokey-pokey with the kids after doing the pokey-pokey with one of the other dads?

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