Wednesday, April 13, 2005


WOW! I'm so glad you guys liked the bag! I am loving it, but there's some problems and I'm working on a new & improved "hippy chic bag". I think I'll have an actual pattern up here by Monday, at least that's my goal. If I can figure out how to have the pdf file downloadable I'll do that, if not, I'll do it the old fashioned way. The yarn I used was some Schaefer Esperanza yarn. It's 70% lambswool and 30% alpaca and SO SOFT to use, I almost felt bad felting it, but OH I LOVE THE LOOK! It pools so cool and felts FAST. I am not sure of the color as I got it from the clearance baskets at Knit Wits in Olathe. They have all these cool color combinations. I've got two more skeins at home. The skeins are 8 oz and have about 280 yards in them, so I'd like to figure out how to make 2 bags from one skein. My first bag I posted yesterday was too flimsy, it doesn't hold shape when you put things in it and the buttton holes were a bit too big to work as a purse. It looks great sitting there, but needs some adjustments. I have really had fun thinking how to solve my little problems and the next version will hopefully be closer to a good bag. I am so obsessed with felting, it's like Christmas morning every time I get to open the washing machine!

Have you done this yet? Googlism Search for your name and it compiles a list of items with your name is.... When compiled together, it becomes almost poetic. I found this on David's blog Upsidedown Hippo, where he said he was behind the times as he just found out about it. Well, I'm my usual 4 years behind on fashion and all things hip, so don't feel bad. Here's my favorites from the list:

Christine is...
christine is a beautiful vintage purse with roses
christine is here to stay
christine is my favorite
christine is now a complete wreck but arnie sets about restoring her
christine is no ordinary car
christine is definitely obsessed
christine is a kind and caring with a heart full of love
christine is far more worthy of praise than most other representatives of its genre
christine is the war bride of leonard vole
christine is going to have a lot to answer for to be sufficiently frightening
christine is a femme fatale with a throaty roar
christine is pretty much saying that she knows he loves her
christine is not limited to obscure and goofy nickelodeon shows
christine is a latent witch
christine is keeping a personal diary to record meaningful events and thoughts
christine is a myth buster
christine is the one on the left
christine is a spontaneous girl
christine is an underrated classic

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