Monday, April 18, 2005

A learning experience

You know how with the magic of felting, the item goes into the washing machine looking like the ugly duckling, and emerges as the graceful swan? Not this time. Every change I made to the felted groove bag did not work. This combined with the BUTT UGLY color pattern of the esperanza yarn I used (Hermione--kids colorway) which would be perfectly nice for a scarf or kids hat or something, turned my lovely bag into a giant FELTED TURD WITH HANDLES. The beat goes on...I now am closer to the original pattern, went the opposite way on my fixes and hope to have the newest model into the washing machine tonight or tomorrow and a pattern posted here soon.

My daughter is now a soap box derby racer! She & Grandpa Joe built the car and we all went to the track yesterday and tried it out. I was a bit concerned about whether she'd go down the hill or not, but she jumped into the car and was off like a champ. She made it down the hill about 8 times for practice and LOVED it! I'll post some pics tonight hopefully. We had a BLAST! Our first race is in mid-May, so we'll see. Joey was just DYING to go down the hill, but the SBD is very safety-minded, so no go. They have a big car for adults they bring out on the big race day for fun, so Joey may get to go down with Grandpa then. He's counting the days until he turns 8 years old.

Gorgeous weekend here in KC. We spent most of it outdoors, playing 2 square, riding bikes, mowing the lawn, soap box building/testing, and I even snuck out for Mexican food with Mark & Russell to catch up on all the gossip. It was really a nice weekend.

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