Friday, April 08, 2005

Dating again, I guess, maybe, who knows

First of all, the Yarn Shop and More is having a BIG SALE with everything in the store 25% off. You can't use your punch cards during the sale this weekend but it's a heck of a good deal.

WELL CRAP. I guess I'm back in the dating realm of life again. I haven't exactly decided yet. I've been "thinkin on it" for a while now, and it's weird, like the thinking itself just started balls rolling. I said GOODBYE, NO MORE FLIRTING WITH ME PLEASE to both metrosexual men I keep running into in our circle of friends. I am NO LONGER dating men who want me to see how they decorated their condo's, how the couches match, only drinking coffee from beans they let air and then ground themselves exactly 20 minutes before, clothes prettier than mine, ick. If I want to go shopping with a man, I'll take my gay dear friend. It's a lot more fun anyway. That man could put any rich girl to SHAME in the way he can cover a mall, no make that 4-5 malls, targets, shoe warehouses, LORD HELP YOU if you tag along to a doll show....anyway. Metrosexuals, just say NO.

Yesterday my blazer needed a new part and the dealership's services manager that handles my family's stuff and I have flirted casually for about 2 years now. Always before he's not quite asked me out and I've not quite encouraged him. Until now....(scary music kicks in here...bam bam bbbaaaammmm) I was always dating Italian Stallion or Young Boi or in my latest phase of NO DATING WHATSOEVER, until I thought to myself, self, this man is yummy. He's got a good job, he's fun to be around, he's manly (can fix stuff, likes racing, tools and other manly stuff), but looks good in his business casual outfits, and has nice manners, hmmmm. WTF? Why not? SO, long story short (who am I kidding, I can't tell a short story to save my life, sorry readers) when I drop off the truck yesterday am, he leans in and tells me I smell nice. (Gotta love that Elizabeth Arden Red Door, I've worn it for years, but it still gets me the men...) I smile demurely (YES I can do that once in a while, I'm not always a rude, opinionated, agressive woman I appear--ok, I really am, I can just fake it once in a while, what good girl can't?) ANYWAY, he gets me the shuttle guy to drive me home, tells him to take good care of me, we flirt and a little light laughter later, I'm off to home, feeling good.

The long part of the story comes in that I needed to be back at the dealership picking up the truck by 2:30pm to get my kids picked up in time to avoid lost, little red-headed chitlins crying by the side of the road...ok, they probably would have taken them back into the school, but still I always go to the dramatic side of things... Shuttle man has an emergency..."Miss Christine....I'm so sorry, but I can't get back to get you in time..." well crap. Call my flirty friend at the dealership to see what options there are as all my neighbors are GONE and I've got no way there as KC has the WORST taxi system on the face of the earth and I'm basically screwed. This all happens at 2:00, so I'm a bit stressed. Get ready to call other moms to see who can pick up the kids, but John says stay home, I'll be right there. (superhero music now...da da da DA..). John gets someone to cover for him, picks me up, I tell him he's the best, he tells me I'm the best....GOD I LOVE flirting. I should get paid for that, oh right, that sort of thing's illegal and I'd have to have sex with icky men, ok scratch that. Anyway, I have to run (literally) to get to the school on time, he gets everything ready, runs next to me to the car, shuts the door and gives my arm that little lingering touch thing, (GOD I LOVE FLIRTING) I give him my business card with my cell # on it (I'm smooth, baby) and tell him I owe him a beer or four. He says, only if he can buy me a beer or four..... :) What a fun time that is. I'm thinking I need to head out with this guy just for fun, who knows?

This guy is divorced, has a son who's around 15, and he's about 8-10 yrs older than I am, all good. I like the divorced men. The good ones (those that no longer either hate or love their ex-wifes excessively) are normally much more appreciative of women and treat you very nicely... ANYWAY, he's got a bit of country in him mixed with his city boy manners. I noticed that the yuppified men say "my son....." while the country boys say "my boy..." when talking about their kids. I don't know why it struck me as interesting. It just did.

So if I start dating, I'll have to start shaving my legs on a more regular basis. Cripes I hate that. For now, the queen of capri pants only has to shave to the tops of her knees once every couple of days, just to avoid the appearance of becoming a wookie. Dating means shaving to "touch", or every stinking time you have a date. I'm not actually the laziest leg shaver in the area, my hairdressing guru Allegra has me beat on that one. She went through a phase of not really wanting to date, so she lightly dated, ended up getting to the stage where she really needed to either sleep with the guy or break up. She thought it over, told me "girl, I said "I just wasn't ready.....and I meant I just wasn't ready to shave my legs for him!" HAH! It's so nice to know I'm not the only quirky one around. Working all this time in a basement with recycled air can mess with the brain.

Such is life. I'm off to go get pick up my best friend Jildo! She's spending the weekend with me and we're going to drink diet coke, eat chocolate and gossip till the sun goes down. Also a casino may or may not be in the plans, who knows???? Sounds like fun, huh? Girl time, nothing better!

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