Thursday, April 28, 2005

All together now, "AAAAAAWWWWWWW"

Look what I got last night!

OK, so I was on the phone with yummy Jeff yesterday afternoon, and while talking to him was also trying to figure out how much yarn the new improved felted groove bag used by my crappy noddy or whatever they're called. I'd taped two dowels to the ends of a work table 3 feet apart and was wrapping yarn to see how much of the skein was left. BUT my dang yarn kept falling off or the dowel would wiggle and come loose, so a few curse words slipped out of my mouth (I know, it's hard to imagine that, isn't it?). Jeff asked what the heck I was trying to do over here and I told him I needed to get a 2 X 4 of wood and nail some big tall nails in it so I could wrap and measure my yarn. I also need it for the yarn I'm recycling from a few old sweaters I'm frogging. He said he had some big nails I could use, so if I wanted to stop at his house on my way home from knit club he'd get them out for me. He asked a few more questions about what I wanted to build and I told him I'd just run by Home Depot and pick up a piece of wood & have them cut it but would love his nails.

I got to his place and look what he had for me! It is all measured out exactly 3 feet between the nails and has all the edges sanded and beveled so it won't catch on the yarn. Is that sweet or what?!? He's hot and sweet AND HE MAKES ME STUFF FOR MY KNITTING????? yeah, baby. He felt bad as it was so simple, but I was LOVING it! I then got a beer, a backrub, a kiss goodnight (this one only lasted about 30 minutes) and sent on my way home.

I'm thinking I may have to keep this guy around for a little while.

I'm going to sew in ends of the groove bag, sew the little gusset thing on the bottom and FELT THIS BABY tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out as I think I finally figured out what I did the first time!!!

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