Sunday, April 10, 2005

A little knitter

Check it out.....Beth's a's her start:

My daughter had a little bit of a rough start, but picked up the knitting stitch FAST! We still have a little problem with a double wrap of yarn once in a while, but the girl was cranking right along! That old rhyme and the Lion Brand kid's needles really helped out!

The rhyme we used was
In through the front door,
run around the back,
peek through the window,
and off jumps Jack

I thought it went pretty well for a first attempt. Joey sat on my lap and did the "run around the back" part for me for a few minutes, but got bored and went back to finger knitting, made a scarf and boots for his little stuffed dog and then went back to batman and spiderman action figures (they're NOT DOLLS, MOM, they're ACTION FIGURES).

The weekend was GREAT! Jildo and I caught up, had fun, talked ourselves blue, laughed, ate and all the rest. We consumed an entire 12 pack of diet coke, and last night played that card game with the president, vice president, beer bitch and asshole with her friends from camp years ago. I can't remember the name, but OH it's a fun old drinking game. Four of us in our late 30's putting away the beer & vodka & pizza & chips, man, it was like the good ol' days! I was just drinking beer, so my head didn't hurt too badly this morning. That game is set up that the president can make up rules as they go along and if you break a rule, you drink. They did the usual ones, can't use anyone's actual name, you have to wave your fingers before picking up your glass, etc. But then JUST TO PICK ON ME, no one could say "pretty". Doesn't sound too tough, does it? Except apparently I've been spending a little too much time talking with Russell lately as every hot man I see is now "ooohhhh, he's pretty." Let's just say it was a tough habit to break. Everyone needs some girl time! I did drink something called a purple Jesus or something like that. It was yummy, but I figured I'd be hurting if I had any more. My rule of thumb, if I drink more than one pretty-colored drink or shot, I'll be barfing a rainbow for the next 2 days. Just good to know.

I did NO knitting WHATSOEVER and did not make it to the yarn shop for the sale. Ah well, I was a good girl, saving my little pennies, making myself use a bit of my stash. But just wait until that tax refund gets here.....tote bags filled with yarn as far as the eye can see? Wouldn't that be a pretty sight? I couldn't find a good Martha Stewart/Clinique green yarn around here, think I'll do some looking online. I don't actually know what I'd make with it, I just think I need some. I'd love to do a spring sweater or something, who knows.

Cute guy from the flirty thing Friday hasn't called yet, but he said "next week sometime." Oh holy hell, am I really sitting here thinking "will he call?" What kind of BS is that? I'm too old for this crap.

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