Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Beauty Tip of the Day

If you sneeze immediately after applying SERIOUSLY waterproof mascara in the car (at a stoplight, don't freak out people), LOOK IN A FREAKING MIRROR. I'm all cute today, good hair, wearing my new MS/babypoop green shoes with my sexy toes and a matching MS/babypoop green sweater over a white tank top, found my good lipgloss, I'm WORKING IT BABY...and kept getting all these looks from men this am on the way to work. I had a look or two in the car at stoplights, getting gas, pouring the am diet coke, and thought I was just too hot for KS. Then I get to work and my assistant asks me if I'm working on a new way to lenghten my eyelashes. I say huh? look in the mirror and I look like a damn film star from the silent movies. Both eyes had all these eyelash marks under my eye from the sneeze. Yup, too sexy for Kansas. I'm sure I've broken some religious law or something, better alert our attorney general to forward his personal views using our tax dollars to come & arrest me. Don't ask me how the fact that I'm looking like a freak can get me pissed at Phill Kline. Just breathing can get me pissed at Phill Kline.

ANYWAY, thanks for the idea Camille, I'm afraid the felted turd is too ugly for saving with flowers or embellishments unless I make something larger than the entire purse to put it into. I may felt it even more and then use it to cut up and make felted flowers out of. nah, I'll probably keep it as a testament to the uglier side of felting. It was so ugly I erased the pic the other day, so I'll take a pic to prove its ugliness. How do these desinging knitters do this??? I think this one is too fat and too short, but we'll see. I think I'm going back to the original design, except I can't remember what I did anymore and didn't write notes as I wenta long as I didn't expect it to work out so cool! Here's the newest pre-felted Felted Groove:

Here's what our little family has been up to lately:

building the soap box derby car with Grandpa

going down the hill

She likes to drive fast, just like her mama

We can't throw away any cardboard because my son has to make his "creations." We have cars, airplanes, rocketships, etc made out of boxes. This is his version of a boy/robot after he fell over:

Helping Grandpa in the backyard with his own little wheelbarrow:

So, now that I've decided I'm ready to date again, I have NO DATES. WTF? Men were coming out of the air before when I was in my "tired of men" phase and now NOTHING. Cripes. I'm too old for this crap. Actually, I'm not. I'm ready to be a 60 yr old woman dancing the hours away with the little old men hopped up on viagara. ANYWAY, one of the divorced dads at my son's preschool asked for my number and asked about me. I thought that was odd, and then when I saw one of Joey's teachers was blushing I said, WHAT???? and she admitted she's been working to set us up. Now I'm back to the "will he call? won't he call?" crap. OH MY GOD this SUCKS! I gave up on Dealership-man, never heard from him, if he tells me I smell nice when I bring in my car for the next oil change I'm either going to hit the man or ask him out MYSELF. I was always an assertive young woman who asked guys out when I was young (I know, it's hard to imagine me as assertive, isn't it?) but it doesn't feel right now. I either need to go on a date or go get drunk with my friends and dance all night and get this out of my system. Girls night out is this Friday night with my asian group and we're heading out to the clubs, so that may be my night.

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