Thursday, April 21, 2005

I met a boy.....and he's very nice....

I'm in a good funky mood today! So, last night's function at my son's preschool was kind of fun. I knew there was one of the divorced dads who was interested in me and our little preschool teachers (crackup ladies in their late 50's with ATTITUDES) have been trying to play match-maker. I followed my munchkins in and this cute guy (let's call him Jeff) introduces himself (I'd had him pointed out to me before and he said "hi" the other day when I was in the midst of a bad-hair, bad-attitude, hat day) and shakes my hand and says "hi Christina". I actually do NOT like that name, but it sounded so nice I almost melted, I didn't even say anything about it. (How dorky am I?) My son runs up and hugs his son and decides he wants to sit next to "Bennie". Joey puts "ie" on the end of everyone's name. We sit with two noisy boys between us until they run off and are chased by my daughter. We're chatting away and he's SO STINKING CUTE and SWEET and NICE and then his ex-wife sits down at the end of the row, a few seats away from him. Apparently she's dating someone pretty seriously, but they still get together for family events and stuff. Both teachers have assured me that she wouldn't mind if Jeff dates someone, but it was still a bit uncomfortable for me. She's not one of those women that smile very often and she is a bit scary on a good day. After the beginning songs we went on into the classrooms and went to sit with our kids at different parts of the room. We did the occasional looking at one another and looking away thing like we were 12. It was FUN.

I was NOT my normal obnoxious OVERLY OUTGOING self. I was demure. really. it happens. once in a while. I have been told in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS from a few close friends that I need to rein in the personality a bit so I don't scare these poor boys off. I'm not changing who I am, I REFUSE to do that for a man as I learned that lesson LONG AGO and learned it well. I just was a bit more reserved. really. I can do that. Russell doesn't believe me, but I can.

ANYWAY, he's SO not my type of guy I've been dating off & on for the last few years. My normal type is Italian or with that manly, self-confident, overbearing personality, big physically like a high school athelete that has just started to go to chub, with an obnoxious sense of humor. I know, how is it that I've not been in a serious relationship lately? :) But it's been fun for dates. Jeff is a runner (crap!), which means he's REALLY in shape, but not all big & buff. He's got all his hair, the sweetest smile and gorgeous eyes. The only problem is I've turned to chub and am about 30 lbs from my ideal weight. I like a guy to be able to pick me up and carry me away. (OK, so I've got a cave-man problem here probably) and though he's not skinny by any means, I would NOT want to be going to the swimming pool with our kids together. nope, not me, not yet. He's a little taller than me (good for dancing) and just very yummy.

I figure I could use a new friend if nothing else. I'm going to see what happens, but OH HE'S CUTE! It could be fun. YES I'm a dork, NO I don't have much of a life that this little high school stuff is taking over my knitting posts, yes I'm inflicting my little details on you poor readers!

Knitting news, I went looking for more esperanza yarn and it's tough to come by. I found some at a LYS in Tennessee, and may order it there, but have a few more online sources to check first as they were pretty pricey. I now have 5 inches of the 2X2 rib for the tempting sweater from Knitty. It's taking FOREVER. NOW I know why I have not knitted any sweaters, no patience. The good thing about felted bags is they go SO FAST! GOD how do you people make socks with size 1 and size 0 needles?????????

I saw the CUTEST little newborn hat made of one skein of Lorna's laces on size 0 needles. I was tempted, but resisted. I may have to try some out. My brother's wife is expecting their first baby in September, so maybe I'll make one.

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