Monday, April 25, 2005

more felted stuff

I've found a skein of Esperanza in the colorway "Fragglestone" and am working up another Felted Groove bag. I think I finally figured out the problems. Because the yarn is hand-dyed, the number of stitches to cast on for the groovy pooling effect varies based on the colors of the yarn. I think taking a week away from all things felted helped clear my brain. I think focusing on the flutters & fun of a new date thing helped too as my little brain was just WORKING IT last night. I figured out all kinds of crap. I've only got about 3 inches of the new & improved bag, so I hope to have something constructive to post here soon.

I'm relaxed, casual and backing off the grand drama of my little date, sorry to you ladies, I was a BIT obsessed. Just a bit. But damn it was fun! Now we're playing it slightly casual, supposed to do lunch this week and maybe go out next weekend, depending on schedules with kids, etc. He's out of town this weekend and I've got lots of family stuff. Dating when you're divorced with kids adds all kinds of fun to the scheduling. I actually really like it as men without kids or men who aren't really involved with their kids seem to be pretty demanding of my time. This guy could be fun....and he's ever so yummy.... I'm actually enjoying the little phone calls I get from Jeff. I'm SO not a phone talking person normally. I had a "good morning" call this am that put me in a warm fuzzy mood... (I know, I'm a dork, can't help it.)

For those of you tired of the drama, I'm a drama queen. Going to the grocery store can set off a tirade. I'm sure I'll find something to get all bent out of shape and crazy about soon. Don't worry.

Work's interesting. The big bosses are in town for a few days, we have a new part-time employee and SHE KNITS!!!! She was wearing this COOL black poncho with a few stripes of color at the end of one of the panels, very stylish. We compared notes, she's pretty new to the obsession that is knitting, but is well on her way, knew all the LYS's, subsribes to a few magazines, but hasn't ever looked online for free patterns....Don't worry, I'm hooking her up with a LONG list of sites. Another knitter! We're EVERYWHERE....bwa ha ha ha haaaa.

I ended up having flowers waiting for me on my desk today as well as my assistant and the new employee. I said "huh?" and was told they were for administrative assistants' week. I thought, oh, maybe I got demoted without knowing, and then the local bossman came in and said he just didn't want me to be left out with everyone else here having flowers. That was pretty nice. The owners are all smiles & happy to see me. If you didn't know the history of this place, you'd think it was a normal office. It's a bit "twilight zone"ish here, but then, so am I. It's scary when you realize you fit in in a strange environment.

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