Monday, January 10, 2005

Working from home is kinda nice

I'm telling you, I could get used to this! I'm sitting in my new corner office (actually a computer stuck on a sad wal-mart computer table in the corner of my bedroom). Got the computer set up and it WORKS, do these miracles never end????? I'm telling you, the place just didn't work until EVERYONE was gone. Now we have clean floors, no bugs, filters that are not full of moldy chunks, clean fixtures in the kitchen, cheerful people, it's a bit unsettling as I was getting used to hiding from people's icy looks and nasty comments. I got to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE working from home. Computer things never went the way they were supposed to as everything in the dungeon has been "adapted" to the point that computer techy-people get frightened trying to adjust anything. So, I was actually astonished that it all worked smooth as dog-snot. Ok, I don't actually know if dog snot is smooth or not, as our little dog seems to be snot-free for the most part. ick. sorry. Back to the office tomorrow.

Joey update, I think the newest antibiotic may be working as the little guy is much more onery and obnoxious again and SLEEPING at night, hallelujah! We go back for a re-check tomorrow.

Beth update, the child is still seriously addicted to the video game system here at home. Part of me enjoys that they like to play as they are giggling together and having a good time and I get so much done, but I'm going to seriously have to schedule time as she gets a bit BITCHY after playing too long. TWO female scorpios with strong personalities, no that should be FUN in the teenage years, right???? crap on a stick, I can't wait.

Knitting update (oh yeah, this WAS a knitting blog, wasn't it?????) I really REALLY tried to start on a warm project, but need to find a cute pattern for a hat. I just need to spend some time googling and I spent all my time online READING everyone else's blogs and just having a good ol' time. So, I have to admit I stitched a gauge for the original sexy tank I wanted to make when all this knitting stuff started. I have some amazing yarn that I got to make the backless tank and didn't work, and realized it would be PERFECT for the sexy tank & scarf, but I probably need to buy 2 more skeins before the LYS is out, but I'm NOT making it yet. Chubby chics should NOT have three knitted tank tops before a decent body-covering piece of clothing is knitted! ......trying to save $$ this year to take the kiddies on a real vacation and even for a down payment on my own home, so I've got to cut down on the yarn and KNITTING BOOK purchases.

My current stash is taking over all but one big drawer in the cedar-lined dresser and I'm forcing myself to FINISH items and start the ones I origninally bought the yarn for before getting more yarn, but OMG the call of the LYS....can't you hear it???? I just need 3 skeins of noro kureyon to make my booga bag and I'm afraid I can't get out of there with just that......must be strong.....must resist.......I keep focusing on my goals, but then I rationalize that now that I'm working shorter hours, I can't go out for lunch, so I'll be saving those $$...... We'll see. I might just get willpower yet.

Gotta tell you, it's also nice to be WARM with LIGHTS. God bless electricity. LOVE IT! We finally started melting today as it got around 40 or so and all the ice started falling off trees and such and another big ol ice storm is on its way.

Oh Lord, I have to say there's been another Kenny Rogers incident. NOT with the current Kenny who hasn't been seen or heard from in about a month now, but ANOTHER damn look-alike..... What is it about men in KC that turn into Kenny when they get older????? And why are they ALL attracted to me????? Do I look like one of Kenny's wives or something??? WTF? SO, Friday evening my cousin calls and sounds hungry and poor and offers to babysit for me Sat. night. I told him I can't really leave for the evening as Joey doesn't sleep well, etc, so he offered to just come over for a few hours and let me run some errands. Joey was feeling pretty good, so I said okie-dokie. My few friends here in town were either going out for a real evening or out of town (Mark & Russel were out with friends) so I took myself to the movies and went to a matinee. While there (by myself like a loser but not really minding) I'm in line for popcorn and this KENNY FREAKING ROGERS buys my popcorn & diet coke. I got up there and ordered and got ready to pay and the pimply kid said, "um ma'am" (yes, the little shit called me MA'AM) "this guy already said to buy whatever you wanted). I almost had a heart-attack as I thought it was my stalker-Kenny, but no, it's ANOTHER one. Hopefully not a stalker, very nice & polite. He said he noticed I was alone and my "beautiful eyes stunned" him. (ok, it's creepy I admit it). I said I was alone, but I was actually looking forward for a couple hours of peace & enjoying the alone-ness, but was very thankful for his kind gesture. He said he respected it, wasn't going to ask for my number, just wanted to do something nice and it made him feel good and thanked me. Then he went into a different theatre and I went in and sat my butt down and ate the free popcorn. IS THAT WIERD OR WHAT????? I did make sure to walk to the car in a crowd, but didn't run into my new friend. wierd. I made a promise to my best friend Jildo that I would never marry another guy that she didn't like and not get serious with any more bowlers (long stories there) and I think I'm making a promise to myself to NOT SPEND ANY TIME WITH MEN THAT RESEMBLE OLD COUNTRY SINGERS.

Maybe I can get on the "queer eye for the straight girl" show or "what not to wear" to get a make-over that allows men that are not 15-25 years older than me to crave this goddess.....bwaa haa haa haa

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