Thursday, January 13, 2005

More pictures pictures pictures!

Here's the highlights of Christmas Eve in Western Kansas...

Click on the pic to see more fun and the cutest 2 little red-headed boys around (I know I'm a bit biased on this one)

And, I'm working working working at home home home tonight and loving loving loving it! I'm also working my butt off at WORK too, but it's still nice to leave and pick up kids right after school. I'm sorry to be repetitive, but it's just such a nice change.

Had lunch with two of the executed ones from the dungeon. Miss C. looked freaking YOUNGER than I did, thank you very much. I guess that's what fresh air, sleeping in till 9am and no dungeon-dwelling do for you. I do miss my afternoon beverage. If she were a hugging type, I'd have hugged the stuffing out of her, but I refrained. I almost said "I'm going to hug you now" and done a cold fish hug, as I witnessed the strangest EVER antisocial handshake in the history of man and words similar to that were used by this lady during the twilight zone occurance, but thought I'd be the only one getting the sad little joke and thought, better not. Enough people think I'm a sociopath for one day....Not thinking about it, I wore a Sam Adams Sweatshirt to my daughter's elementary school science lab night and got some raised eyebrows & whispers & "Really"'s thrown at me. It didn't say anything about beer, and was very subtle, but apparently it was quite offensive to certain powers that be. I couldn't figure it out until one of the dads pointed out why the super-moms were a bit pissy. Got the trusty bumpy scarf (my very first thing I ever knitted) out and wrapped it just so to cover the incriminating evidence, and was able to spend the rest of the night without being hauled off by the johnson county fashion police.

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