Thursday, January 27, 2005

blah blah blah

OH, I actually WENT somewhere and DID something. Yeah for me! I got to catch up with Miss Amanda the vibrant and we went to the dinner theatre and saw the guy who played Larry on Three's Company in The Foreigner. It was SUCH a fun night last night! We ate so many goodies I'm still full. They have a really nice buffet dinner that had the BEST little steak things and herbed mashed potatoes....and pasta....and chicken florentine or something....OH holy hell, I ate till I about rolled back to the car. The play was very funny and we laughed and we talked and we ate, and we had nice wine and it was a good time all around! Thanks Miss A! We need to do a girls' night out once a month or something! Next time we'll go somewhere that Liz and the others can tag along too!

Somehow I got nominated to teach my little asian friends how to knit. I barely taught Amanda how. I'm trying to convince them to go to the LYS all together and have them teach them the RIGHT way, but so far no go. We'll see. I may be running around to get extra needles & yarn & start the ladies on a scarf....AAAAHHHHH I'm stressed. But, we'll see. It'll be Sunday afternoon Feb 6th, so I have time to learn to teach and to chop up a few veggies or something so it looks like I'm domestic.

I realized today that I have a corner office with a view. OK, actually my computer is crammed in the corner of my bedroom next to my window with a lovely view of the backyard and SUNSHINE. Little man Joe wasn't up to school yet, so he went with me to work in the basement (it's moved up from the Dungeon) this morning. He was really good & quiet and wore his glow-in-the-dark pj's with spiders all over them and his hair spiking up all over the place. Yup, me in my ball cap (haircut coming Sat. thank the great-hair goddess!) and dirty jeans, we were the picture of white trash. Stylin'. Good news, got him started on the last of the antibiotics that almost worked on his sinus infections before and his ENT surgeon (whom I LOVE) called to check in on him. Sweet sweet sweet and talented lady! We're going to both the ENT clinic & CF Clinic in early Feb. and now we're scheduled for CF visits and labwork every 3 months no matter what to monitor his little system so he doesn't get too run down and they don't get too busy and push him aside again. I need to teach a class on how to be sweetly persistent or a pain-in-the-butt-but-they-really-love-your-kids that gets things DONE. THAT I could teach. I knew growing up with a strong woman as my momma would come in handy someday.

Minerals arrived. I've tried out the Bare Escentuals i.d. brand stuff and have mixed feelings about it. I am by NO means glowing, as promised and my pores look the size of the grand canyon. BUT my face has cleared up and I've had NO breakouts whatsoever in the last week. I was fighting a nasty case of the adult acne crap and used to wear an obscenely thick amount of nice lancome foundation, but my skin turns everything PINK and blotchy and so I'd slather on more...add stress and lack of sleep and too much diet coke and BOING zit city. Good thing besides my face is healthier than it's ever been, the stuff STAYS. I can put a tiny little bit on in the am, and at midnight that night I still look good. Supposedly you can even sleep in it as it's good minerals etc. and I even worked out tonight and I looked in the mirror afterwards and I was STILL looking good (at least in the face). Where was this stuff in my wild college days? It is also a PAIN in the butt to apply and carry around as the mineral/powder stuff goes EVERYWHERE, but all in all, I'd say it's a keeper.

Knitting News....picked up my knitting bag from the lost meeting night on Monday and my fingers are so very happy once again. I've knitted NOTHING this week and have been really craving the relaxation and zen-crap it gives me. I am making some progress on the "Tina's Tote" but haven't quite decided what to do at the top....hmmm I want to do something different for the handles and maybe have a tab that goes across the top? who knows? Maybe inspiration will strike. I just hate experimenting on felting something that's got that much stitchin in it. I know, I know, I should do a swatch and work with that. I really should. We all know I won't. But, the lady that saved the bag for me is also a new knitter who's just graduated from scarves and is starting her first felted bag. So, I spent a good half hour chatting. She gets all her stuff at this little shop called Locke or something? It's two little ladies in a house in Mission that sell the basics and even have a bathtub full of yarn for charity events. I'll have to head over as my curiosity is peaked. But, of course, I'm poor and must wait for $$ to shop for any yarn....

Haven't seen any of the new child support yet, but have paid $437.85 out of pocket medical since Jan 1 and my children HAVE good insurance. cripes. Though I love and respect the pharmaceutical industry as they are pretty much keeping my kid alive and well (for the most part), I am getting a bit pissy with the insurance industry. I've spent more time running down stupid details for BCBS to pay their damn bills so I keep everyone happy. I don't know WHY they don't pay, they make up something every so often just to see if people will take the extra two to twelve steps to get it fun fun fun fun

God, I've either got to get drunk or laid. I'm entirely too occupied by these details of day to day crazy-land.

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