Monday, January 10, 2005

I don't know what to knit next

I just can't decide what to do next. I've been cranking out scarves like nobody's business and just almost finished the last one. I've still got to fringe it, but then I'm pretty much done.

I don't really know what to do....a hat? a purse? I think I want to make a booga bag and see how it turns out or a sophie, but can't decide....maybe a real sweater (as in more than a tank top)?????? I guess I'll be googling.

Put in another 4 1/2 hours at work today and have to do some serious work at home on the computer to make up for time lost....It's still so wierd being there. Again, love this lady I work with, but I might have to put up a half-cubicle wall or something to keep from going insane....I think I'll bring head-phones and plug into my tunes, maybe that will help. The whole (ok half) day I was like "what?" "huh?" "yeah" "sure".....repeat repeat repeat. AAAUUGGGHHHH! She won't stop TALKING and it's not loud enough that you can actually understand but not quiet enough that you can ignore....Oh and rolling downhill still. You think I'd remember that my chair rolls back with or without me and sit down a little more carefully, wouldn't you? I almost busted my butt today when I barely caught the edge of the chair right before I left. cripes. What's that? worker's comp? Can you get money for a broken butt?

I've got to put in a few hours here at home on work and then might mosey around and see what neat patterns are out there calling my name.

Went bowling tonight and we bowled the funniest team. They kicked our butts, but it was still fun. This one little older lady on the lanes next to us I swear to GOD had the best bowling outfit I've seen in some time. She had her long hair up in a bun, and had a pretty flashy red & black flame style retro shirt on with bright green pants and a FUR sleeveless jacket. Yup. MINK sleeveless jacket with all the smoky cruddy air and bowled in it all night. It might have been a touch cold when we got there, but I was stripping down to my t-shirt after the first few frames.

We have a new team member who brought her knitting along! I was so excited. She said she's knitted for about 4 years, but has never done anything other than scarves with plain old acrylic yarn and a baby blanket done in long rectangles sewed together. She never learned how to do a pearl stitch or increase or decrease......OH WHAT FUN we're going to have. She said her grandmother only knew the garter stitch and so that's all she's done. In about 10 minutes, she mastered the pearl and knit 2 together and bar increase and stitching into front & back of the stitch. I couldn't remember the SSK so said we'd try it next time. I'm a little teacher. woo hoo. I almost felt bad as her hubby made the comment he liked her only doing one thing as it kept her from spending any more money at the craft shop......I thought, oh darlin, you wait until she gets into a LYS..... poor thing.

I think it's my duty to corrupt those around me. Making my little corner of the world a bit more like me.

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