Saturday, January 08, 2005

Long-ass boring post

I've missed my little blog and reading everyone else's stuff! What can I say? Life is a whirlwind.....yeah, right. I was tired, cold and grumpy and did not post for a variety of reasons, none of which resembled a whirlwind of social activity.


SO, I think people are reading that shouldn't be, so no more on work for now. Except to say everyone's really REALLY happy there. It was almost freaky, but enjoyable until I thought about it and it was freaky again. I have to say I always thought I was one to roll with the punches, adjust to change, etc. Apparently I am an OLD GRUMPY ASS woman. I don't like being up in the middle of everything, I don't like that I sit by the back door with cold air streaming across my ankles and I especially don't like that I'm on on incline and keep rolling back and slamming into the damn shelving unit behind my desk. I don't like that my assistant, God love her, DOESN'T EVER FREAKING STOP TALKING.......AND TALKING......AND TALKING about NOTHING. She's a lovely lady, but I work with numbers and have to have minimal interruptions to be able to function. AAARRRRCCGGGGGHHHHHHH. Maybe I can use headphones and plug into my little radio stream without being rude?????? I don't know. I do love that I am going to be able to work from home, I am really lucky about that, but GOD I hate rolling backwards every time I don't pay attention. BUT, I've really not been at work much this week so it should really be fun next week when I have to actually SHOW UP. Monday was a pretty normal yet wierd day, Tues Joey came with me and I accomplished basically nothing other than a few tasks and then moving some of my crap from my QUIET ANTISOCIAL office to the middle of heck. Wednesday I worked a few hours, Thurs a few and Friday I didn't even try to get there. I did pick up the computer and am going to try to hook it up here at home, but it hasn't made it past the floor right inside the door. So much for my idea of making up hours yesterday or tonight. bwaaa haaa haa haa. At least everyone's happy. I'm telling you, it was wierd. The boss-man even bought us the world's biggest cinamon roll with cream chese icing that has ever been made. It was DIVINE and I dug right in.

What else? Joey's been battling ear infections that I swear are just getting worse with each new antibiotic they try. Poor little guy. He's a trooper and I think the most recent one is working. At least, he's sleeping at night and no longer running a fever. He goes back for a checkup Monday afternoon, so another short day at work for me. Beth's back, but majorly addicted to her game boy. I almost had to do an intervention with her tonight as she sassed me when it was time for her to shut down the nintendo 64 from Santa.....we had a little talk and decided she'll have a warning of 5 minutes to shut-down, one more warning at 1 min. and she'd better dang well shut down & save the machine or it's one day without any video games. Man, sometimes it's hard being a hard-ass.

What else, AH storm hit kc Tues. night and one little tiny strip of a road was left without power for 3 days & 2 nights. FROZE MY LIVING ASS OFF........actually, I think the cold helped my body put another layer of blubber on it to try to conserve warmth. KNITTING TIP FOR BEGINNING KNITTERS....if it's fall or winter when you learn to knit, make a damn hat and pair of mittens before you complete 2 tank tops and a backless sweater that would fit Fat Albert.....I was laying there shivering and thinking I DON'T EVEN HAVE A STINKING HAT TO WEAR, I was deliberating whether I really wanted to go back to the cold cold back part of the house far from the wood stove to pull out those damn tank tops & backless sweater to wrap around my head or if I'd rather just lay there shivering..... Sad, isn't it? I did get my scarf wrapped around the head, but it wasn't the same somehow.

And a repeat of the BEE INCIDENT occurred. For those of you newer readers, bees freeze and then they wake up when they get warm again. How do I know this you ask? Because in our last ice storm of 2 years ago, we were without power for 13 days. THIRTEEN DAYS. After about 10 nights of walking all the way to the backdoor to the wood box to drag logs to put into our wood stove, I thought I'd get smart and drag a bunch of wood over right next to the fire, so I could only be out of the sleeping bag for a few minutes.....woke up around 2am to put in more wood and saw a moving shadow on a log, thought, "oh crap, it's a spider" and got out my shoe. [before continuing let me tell you I have learned to kill spiders well. I do not enjoy them, but I can do it now. They still give me chills and a heart-attack, but I am a tough little momma. I canNOT deal with any form of the bee family, but my most dreaded psycho-level fear is of the hornet] Let's just say it was NOT a spider, but there was a freaking hornet warming itself up, flexing its wings and moving it's big-ass stinger up and down like it was getting ready for fun......then I saw that ALL the logs (at least 20) were COVERED WITH MOVING SHADOWS....crap, I've got chills now just typing this.....I am telling you I silent screamed and screamed and screamed and tried not to make any noise while having a MAJOR FREAKING BREAKDOWN.....basically all the wood went out into the ice and snow and I, you guessed it, I learned my lesson this year and inspected the wood pile pretty well, and kept the wood box by the back door in the cold, but apparently we were getting a bit warmer than usual in the house as there was a moving shadow again. I wasn't able to kill it as I could hardly breathe myself, but at about 3am on the 2nd night without power, I was able to scoop it into a bowl and snap a lid on it and threw it in the trash. I lose more tupperware that way....Why does that shit only happen in the middle of the night???? My fear is that I didn't catch them all and there's a hornet laying hornet babies somewhere inside my house.......OH CRAP....

What else have I done instead of blogging??? OH, I finally got my knit-along tank done and seamed together. Of course, I finished it with COLD fingers (no, I not only did not make a hat or mittens but did not make those cool fingerless gloves that would have been so perfect for sitting in the cold and knitting during the last few days). Nothing stranger than completing a ribbon tank top when you can see your breath. What can I say? I was still psyched that it was done. And, it's only a bit big, which still seems to fit well. I also seamed up the Yarn Girls' Guide to knits city tank which also fits, amazing but true. I'll add pics soon, I'm just lucky to have my lazy ass sitting in front of a keyboard for now.

OH, also chubby people are not warmer than skinny people. I thought that that extra layer of fat I've added this last year could finally prove its worth but it failed me.

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP that's mostly what I've done these last few weeks. I realized that when the dark grey shirt I am wearing really pull out the color in the bags under my eyes, it's time to get more rest.

OH, one more work note. HOLY CRAP we have a CLEAN FLOOR, actually 3 of them. The boss-man's son came in and cleaned for us and moved furniture and was basically slave labor and was AMAZING. He swept, mopped, stripped and waxed the bathroom floors, cleaned the toilets, walls, sinks, moved furniture and cleaned UNDER it and we have floors that are not green any more. AND we have NEW CLEAN filters on the humidifier. It's just not the same at all. It's pretty pleasant. FRIGHTENING, isn't it??? AND Miss Hateful apparently did a number on our phone system in her last week at work. It was almost funny, but wasn't, but I had to laugh anyway and give the biotch credit. She not only messed them up so NOTHING worked, and when you tried to fix it it got worse, but ALSO went to each and every little booklet in the entire dungeon and punched out the little programming card. I tried to get info online, but the system is so old, they were not able to help. Bossman finally got someone at the phone system co to help him out, but it took an entire day to get it going again. I thought bossman was going to have Miss Hateful arrested. It was amazing. Final twist of irony is that I now sit in her area. I changed the chair, I have a more comfy one, plus she probably put voodoo hexes on it or burried glass shards in it or something. Maybe she was pleasant before she had to work on a hill and slam into the damn desk behind her???? yeah right, she was probably a biotch as an infant. Can't you just see her stealing the good juice bottles and rattles from the other babies in the trailer park? MEOW, sorry, I'm a bit catty late at night, actually I'm a big bitchy all the time.

Tried staring the eating healthy foods and exercising kick again, realized it just wasn't going to fly. So now the new plan is to still eat the regular crap I eat, just include a butt-load of veggies and fruit and protein and I'm drinking some strange mango-antioxidant juice thing that's supposed to save me from free-radicals or something. Who knows? I still think I can work out a way to exercise and knit at the same time and I don't think I'm the only one as in the Knit.1 mag there was an ad for an apron that you can wear that lets you run your yarn from it as you walk around.....more on this idea later....

That's it, no more. Sorry to all for the long post and for typing ass at least 4 or 5 times.

I miss my dungeonites, it's wierd wierd wierd down there but I'm so glad you got out and Amanda, I'm stinking JEALOUS that you got the GREAT job that even called you to say don't worry about driving in the bad weather, take the day off...YEAH FOR YOU!!! C, enjoy the PEACE and QUIET and sleeping in. dammit. My afternoon beverage run is just not the same.

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