Sunday, January 30, 2005

Things I saw today that made me go WTF????

#1....a Porsche SUV that I'm guessing costs more than the house I live in. How much money must you have that you think, nope, I guess a cadillac or lexus suv isn't expensive enough for me, I wanna Porsche SUV.

#2...8 out of 9 men in line at the grocery store buying bundles of flowers to take home. Do those women know how lucky they are? Or did a whole lotta guys piss off their women last night?

#3...A billboard sign on I-435 stating "Babies are perfect when they are born, Parents say NO to circumcision". WTF? A new campaign to end circumsision???? Don't we have enough things to be concerned about and spend $$ on than launching an ad against extra foreskin??? I have to be honest, the one time I had the opportunity to observe a non-circumsized man, it was not my favorite thing. I know, I know, TMI, but it's hard to be all sexually excited when you want to play with something that looks like an elephant trunk. I tried to take a picture of the billboard with my phone, but wasn't coordinated to do that while curving round the highway, so to avoid a major wreck I missed the pic op.

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