Thursday, January 20, 2005

Knitting Meet-Up in KC!

I finally did it, I got off my butt and drove to the KC Knitting Meet-Up at Starbucks tonight on 39th street in this CUTE little slightly trendy neighborhood that smelled like a LOT of restaurants that I'll be coming back to in the near future! I actually went to the wrong Starbucks (how many could there be in KC near Westport???) and of course, you can't just wait around and NOT eat anything, so I got some SMOKIN hot green tea and a piece of lemon pound cake. yummy. After I asked, I found out there WAS another Starbucks just down the road, got back in my car and found it. I met a couple of very cool women, petted the softest yarn on the face of the planet, and ATE even was RIGHT next to Chipotle, what was I to do??? yup. Fajita Burrito the size of my head. again yummy.

I brought my noro booga bag, and even though it looks like a substantial tote bag in the picture, it's an itty bitty thing. It MAY turn out to be the size of a small handbag. I was going to frog it and make it bigger, then thought I'd go ahead and make it as is, then get creative and MAKE MY VERY OWN tote bag combining parts of the different felted bags I've been admiring. Might just get creative, scary, I know.

It was nice just to sit with a group of people that were even more looney about knitting as I was. We talked of yarn, of sex, of life, of food, and quietly knitted. I was even tempted to MAYBE make a sock. I was mesmerized by this figure-8 cast on technique and the colors of the yarn.....I just don't think I can commit to making my first one as I have a tendency to get a bit FREAKISHLY consumed & obsessed about things that I love...(not people, don't worry, just yarn & other crafty-ish things). The lady who showed me is teaching a class on toe-up socks at my LYS in February, I'm thinking of it....maybe.

Anyway, I came, I saw, I ate, I knitted, I ate. It was all good. They meet every Wed. night and I'm going to try for once or twice a month as it was nice, a bit of the olden days quilting bee feeling. In our email/impersonal society, it's kind of nice to talk to strangers, say hello and visit. OMG I know I'm too tired to be typing, I'm getting all pollyanna here, good night.

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