Sunday, January 16, 2005

ho hum weekend

So, another wild weekend of fun fun fun was had at the Knitting Virgin's home. I've GOT to get out sometime or I might just explode, or would I implode? Who knows, who cares. woo good attitude going on here, huh?

Mark & Russell did call and say they were worried as they hadn't heard from me since New Year's and took me to dinner where I ate a BIG OL' plate full of sizzling fajitas from the good mexican place near here. Yummy. They really are sweet friends and I love them lots. What a great combination of personalities...Mark's dry humor cracks me up and Russell's about the sweetest smartest guy I know. They just really seem to complete each other. It's good to be around. Mark caused me to almost spit a grilled pepper out of my nose, though. He wanted my opinion as a mother for which remodel house plans to go with but phrased it "since you're with child" and Russell almost fell off his high barstool chair. Once I convinced him I was NOT pregnant, he was able to eat again. Russell had been partially ignoring us as he was trying to figure out my new phone so I can turn off the dang "driving mode" where it talks to me LOUDLY.

Actually, it was a pretty good weekend. Lots of cleaning, I'm waging a war against the clutter that threatens to bury me in piles of paper and crap. I made it through Joey's room and left with 2 big yellow trash bags full of crap, broken toys, crap, paper, crap, etc. I organized drawers, under the bed, floor and even the dreaded closet. I think Miss Beth was getting a bit nervous as she started cleaning on her own to keep me out. smart girl. My room is still filled with piles of crap, so it's next to go. I swear I just did this a month ago in here, but did not make it through the closets, and they're leaching out into the room. It'd be nice to actually have room to put CLOTHES and SHOES in my TWO closets, so that's a task for another day.

All bummed as I wanted to go YARN shopping on Saturday, but since we get paid the next business day AFTER normal paydays, I'm still broke. My $2 lasted about half the weekend, but I had to get really poor and take all the change into the bank on Friday afternoon so I could buy gas. I HATE being that poor. I did get a partial payment of child support in the mail Sat, but it was after bank hours and though we get paid on Monday, it's a bank holiday, so I'm still freaking POOR until Tues. am. I'm trying to get organized and doing some of the "smart women finish rich" book tips, so it's been extra easy to NOT spend any money since I don't have ANY! Looks like yarn shopping will have to wait for another day.

In the meantime, I'm starting this Biased Stole with some Fiesta Yarn called La Boheme (but in a darker color combo than what's shown here. I think it's going to be too "old-lady" but can't find anything else to make with the yarn I've already got in my stash. I've got 3 skeins of the colored combo and one of black. I got it for a tank top (I know, imagine that) and it's going to get made into something, I just don't know what yet. I think I'll just make the dang thing and then I'll still have one colored & the black skein to do something else with. We'll see. I had to get plastic circ needles as the LYS was out and that's all they had in Michaels. I HATE working on plastic needles, they're too damn slippery. I'm a spoiled child. yes I am.

My mother does not shop but once every couple of years. Then look out. She can do more damage in an hour than I can do in about a year, but of course, she has money and can do that. SO, her new kick is the bare escentuals mineral makeup. I have to admit I was entranced with an infomercial on a sat. afternoon a few years ago, and then forgot about it. Mom started watching QVC (scary) and has a bunch of this stuff. She had me come out and watch the hour special with her on the stuff last week. I again was entranced. Then I think, this stuff's been around since 1976 and it's never really hit the big time, isn't there a reason? But, she was all excited and ordered me the fairly-light, but I think I need the "fair" since the other has a "warm" undertone (aka YELLOW) and I look dead in foundations with yellow bases, but we'll see. I did order a sample of the "fair" (porcelain aka neutral undertone) from ebay, so I'll do a bit of experimentation. The main problem I have with this stuff is that the President of the company is BUTT UGLY, so not a good selling point. I don't want my makeup to make me look like HER, so we'll see. I'll keep you posted on the results. My mom really does look good and has been all "glowing" with it, so maybe there's hope.

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