Friday, January 21, 2005

Oh holy hell

"The world has always been betrayed by decent men with bad ideals."
--Sydney J. Harris

"Indeed, I tremble for our country when I reflect that God is just."
--Thomas Jefferson

It's a good thing the Christian soldiers are marching on the world...How frightening, to actually want to promote "love thy neighbor" as meaning love ALL your neighbors. Nope, we'd better only love those that conform with what the Family Morals police tell us should be our morals.

I was just a little Catholic girl, growing up taught to love other people, feed those who are hungry, clothe those who are cold, and to BE NICE. PERIOD. I am not up on my bible quotes, but I do remember the commandment of Love Thy Neighbor.

A nice group of people have created a video with children's most popular characters, and they sing and dance and teach kids to love EVERYONE even if they're a bit different. This would have been ok, but *GASP* there MAY be one tiny reference to gay people. Here's the scoop Christians issue gay warning on Spongebob video.

Can't the media start saying "Psycho Nazi-Wannabee's issue warning...." instead of "Christians"??? I always thought Christ taught love & acceptance. He let the hooker Mary Magdalene (I sure hope that was the right name, or I'll be showing my ignorance here) wash his feet with her hair and loved her as a lesson to us. We know history has shown us how much the evangelistic minister crowd loves hookers, so maybe they can learn a bit of TOLERANCE for cripes sake. Funny how commandments, bible quotes, and the like can be changed and tainted to serve your purposes, isn't it?

And I've gotta say, John Stewart was in rare form last night. I about peed my pants when he said that as George Dubbya was solemnly sworn in, many Americans across the nation solemnly swore as well..... that's the damn truth.

Does the current trend of government by fear remind anyone of our history books? It sure seems a lot like the times before McGovern (again I hope that's the right person, my brain isn't quite awake yet) started persecuting the "commies" and "commie lovers" and all things red. People were arrested, lost their jobs, disgraced their families all for maybe attending a meeting or dinner party where they MAY have discussed theologies a bit different from the mainstream American way. It got to knowing someone was a cause for ostracism. Hey, when did red get to be a good thing? hmmmmmm. I'm proud to be blue.

On a knitting note, I'm planning on KIP all over the dang city this weekend. My little trend is spreading...I usually line up in the car to pick up my daughter and you sit for about 10 mins, so, of course, I pull out the knitting (currently the booga bag). I've become "the mom who knits" and I've had quite a few moms come up and say they had knitted as children and been inspired to pull their old needles out and want's been fun. Amazing how GOOD things can spread as well as the persecuting kind, huh? sorry, ANYWAY, sitting there yesterday I saw TWO other mommas knitting their little fingers off in the cars and waved and smiled. As dear old Martha would say, KIP, it's a good thing.

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