Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For the 3rd disaster of Christmas, the knitting gods gave to me....

FOOD PO-OO-Oi-SO-ON-ING!!!!!! Seriously? Food poisoning. From the company party. Not the official company party that I wore the rockin' sweater at in MN and sat on Santa's lap. No, the unofficial getting-together with the locals company party. sweet. Wow. SO, spent most of Monday night in the bathroom on the floor. Jeff came in periodically and wiped my face with a washcloth, then finally put me back to bed about 5am. Tried to work the next day, but only made it till 10:30 then back to bed for about 18 hours straight. Today I'm finally feeling more normal and am back to applesauce. and gatorade. Seriously, I was so sick I couldn't even KNIT. yeah, that sick.

SO, I figured it out. I've thrown off the delicate balance of the knitting gods with the Knitter's Christmas Craziness. I was organized, competent and FINISHED ALL MY KNITTED PRESENTS in time to have SLEEP and TIME WITH MY FAMILY where my hands weren't too cramped from being wrapped around knitting needles to push the little monopoly characters..."push mommy's car to Illinois Avenue, honey" Yeah, like I ever got to be the get the drift. It just wasn't right. I understand it all now. I'm meant to be finishing a sweater moments before we head out the door, throw it in a box and say "OPEN IT DAMNIT OPEN IT NOW!", then throw the sweater at the recipient and hit the road. That's true knitterly Christmas spirit for my family.

Well, disaster #1 has been managed, thanks to YOU AMAZING FIBER PEOPLE!!! Let's have a WOO HOO for us all now. WOO HOO! I'm typing on my very own new laptop. :) My business account is almost totally flat broke and there's not even a penny left in any vehicle in our family, but it's here. It's mine and I love it. :) Nothing even resembling water will come near this baby. Not ice, not gas, not liquid.

Disaster #2 is on its way to being fixed as well. The truck has been hauled off to the dealership where it's getting a brand new engine! :) WOO HOO! Turns out a recent trip to Firestone about 2 months ago to have the coolant system checked and they ended up convincing us the whole damn system needed replacing may have been a contributing factor. It's run like hell ever since I got it back, chugging horribly in the mornings until it got warmed up. The guy that looked over the engine for us said there wasn't a drop of coolant in the system and no leaks he could see. Hmmmmmm. We towed it back to Firestone where they assured us it was an oil problem and not their fault. cripes. SO, we're out big bucks, but we're lucky enough that we have enough in our emergency fund to cover it.

To placate the knitting gods, I've cast on THREE Christmas projects. A hat, finishing my husband's hat (felting and sewing a lining in--which I'm dreading, and an artyarn scarf). See? Crazy, unorganized knitter again! Let's stop at The 3 Disasters of Christmas this year, shall we?

OH, and anyone wanting to buy an apple macbook, GO TO MICROCENTER first. They're the same price as the apple store, but you get a $200 prepaid visa card by mail as a rebate. Guess when I found that out? AFTER I'd already bought mine. damn.

SO, don't forget about the Knit Wit sale in Olathe, KS on Dec 26th, 25% off everything in her shop plus $3/skein on all her sale tubs. My Etsy Shop sale is still going on through 12/31/09 as well.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! May your holidays be joyous, full of friends, family and fiber and may the knitting gods not bite you in the arse!

Next year I'm returning to the crazy and knitting colorwork stockings for all 6 of us. I'm also making these next year for the tree. (click the pic to get to the link)

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