Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Year of the Wrist Warmers DONE BABY!!!

How cool is THAT?!? Very. In fact. In this world in which I have no control over most of my life, I completed something. I rockstar completed something. Ends woven, pretty tags printed on the computer, stamped with cute stockings, tied with a simple bow. I'm very, very proud of them. Inside is a short message basically saying that these wrist/hand warmers were hand knit just for you by Joey's mom. How they're wonderful for keeping you warm while allowing you to type, grade papers, read books, etc. I included care instructions, these were all knit with leftover superwash merino wool, so they're pretty much easy maintenance. We're delivering them tomorrow morning, letting Joey's teacher choose first, then making the rounds of the nurse, secretaries (who always hug my kid when he's not feeling well) etc. Yay for me. PLUS I spent NO MONEY! Can you believe it? I was THIS CLOSE to going to the LYS for more yarn, but forced myself to get creative.

I've got about 1042 ends to weave in of slick acrylic yarn into the back of my niece's baby blanket. We're having our family's Christmas this weekend, so I'll be sewing ends all night tonight and most likely on the 3 hr car trip down there.

SO, speaking of a life out of control, GUESS WHAT? My truck is dead. Deader than my laptop. Boom. Almost a big BOOM more of a loud clank, actually ending with so much white gaseous clouds billowing from towed to a shop. Guessing it's needing a whole new engine. Apparently, everything I touch (except wrist warmers) is going to heck. Mr. TreasureGoddess was not amused when I said I'd better not touch anything important on him. Actually, Mr. TreasureGoddess isn't amused that I refer to him as "Mr. TreasureGoddess." I took a sad little picture of my cute truck being towed away, but I'll have to load that pic tomorrow. Poor little truck. Poor little laptop.

Let's finish with something happy, shall we? Those wrist warmer presents ROCK!

OH, and my sweet son spent his own money and picked out my birthday present (a while ago, but I'm a slacker blogger) and here it is. After the rest of the Christmas presents are done, I'm thinking this will have to become a scarf. How sweet is that? Funny story--Mr. TreasureGoddess pointed out that I had TOO MUCH YARN, but Joey told him, "The only thing that makes Mom happier than diet coke and beer is YARN. I don't think she could ever have too much yarn." Smart kid.

Adding YET MORE YARN and FIBER to the ravelry destash and etsy shop daily, keep an eye out, please!

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