Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yarn magnets, what could be better?

What do you think? Cool stocking stuffers? I figure if you can't knit or spin at work you can at least have a magnet there to remind you of WHY you're working. :)

Available at the TreasureGoddess Etsy shop

On a crochet note, I found the stupid yarn. It was not in the chest with the worsted weight. It was not in the "misc yarn" dresser. It was not shoved into the sockyarn drawers, it was not in the space bags under the bed. It was not in the top of Joey's or David's closets. It was not in my craft closet. It was not in MY closet. Not in the dining room/TreasureGoddess work shop. Do you know WHERE I found it? With the acrylic yarn in the tubs in the office closet. Where it should have been, since it was actually acrylic yarn. Wow. Who'd a thunk it? I remember putting it "in the stash" which usually means a quick shove into whatever stash container is near. I totally don't remember unloading and hauling about tubs to get to the proper acrylic yarn tub and then hauling and loading the stack of heavy tubs back away. wow. Life would be SO much easier if I had a damn craft room. Ah well.

Almost done with the super granny square. Hope to finish it by this weekend, sew in the thousands of ends and be done with it. :) Also finished another pair of wrist warmers. 2 to go now.

Happy knitting all!

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