Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Damn, I should've brought cookies

Mentally promising all kinds of things to the gods of the macbook.... I'll bring a dozen cookies to the repair guys if they can revive my baby. Still waiting for the call. Should've brought the cookies as an incentive to fix it. damn.

Only thing I don't want to do is offer to make more wrist warmers. Still knitting them. Christmas countdown continues. There shouldn't be a cold wrist in the midwest when I'm done with Christmas 2009--the year of the wrist warmers! Somehow I'm up to 7 1/2 pair done. At least the madness will have to stop THIS FRIDAY as that's when we're bringing the holiday gifts to teachers and my family's doing their holiday celebration THIS WEEKEND as well, so mom's are on the needles RIGHT NOW. I'll have 32 ends to weave. Can finish the leg warmers for my aunt by Christmas, so that gives me a bit more time.

Remember when I thought I'd make my husband a week's worth of socks for Christmas this year? Did you laugh your ass off when I said that? You totally should have. He's got one pair done. It was a laugh even before he decided he now likes his socks to come all the way to his KNEES! cripes. He does have 1 1/2 pair done of a long ass pair of girly knee socks Hunting Socks, so I may or may not pull them out to work on when the rest of the holiday gifts are completed. It's pretty hard to motivate myself to work k3p1 ribbing forever in dull grey sockyarn.

Please work, little laptop, please please work. Pretty Please with chocolate chips and candy canes on top...

OH, and I was chosen for a lovely treasury on etsy. Please click the link and leave a comment. The more clicks, the more exposure on etsy, which would help me sell more to pay for the new laptop that I'm not wanting to have to buy.... (sorry for the outright begging. It's really a lovely Brown & Turquoise group of fabulous artsy treasures!)
Turquoise and Brown Treasury

Happy Holiday Knitting to you all! May your fingers be non-cramped and fast, may there be no frogging, and may there be a time warp continuum so you can get some SLEEP!

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