Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And the granny obsession goes on.....now with poetry!

Christmas Present in the works for my niece. She's 1 yr old and adora-freaking-ble. Her mom & dad said she doesn't need any more toys or clothes (although her dad said she really wants a wii, HA!). So, she's getting a super girly super granny square blanket from her auntie. And a pink knitted hippo if time allows. Only problem is......I've lost the yarn. I have a lot of this yarn left, at least 12 little skeins. TWELVE. And it's lost. Not just lost, LOST IN THE STASH.

Yes, I've lost my yarn IN MY YARN. crap. See, if I'd just stuck it somewhere non-stash related, a family member is sure to stumble upon it...."MO-OM! Why's there yarn in the pantry again?" or "MO-OM! There's yarn in the bathroom where the extra toilet paper is supposed to be...can I use this?" (note to self....don't shove yarn in the bathroom. It's just not a good idea.)

No, like a good little organized crafter, I CLEANED MY HOUSE over Thanksgiving weekend and put every blessed thing away. In its proper place. And now I can't freaking find anything. Back to knitting more wrist warmers while the search continues....

Little Miss TreasureGoddess
Lost her yarn skeins, Oh Piss!
And doesn't know where to find them.

Put the blanket away
And search the whole day
Throwing stash all about in great mayhem.

I know, I know. But seriously, YOU TRY to rhyme something with TreasureGoddess!

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