Thursday, December 10, 2009

SUPER SALE coming soon!

My BIG ASS loss is your BIG ASS gain! Christine recently learned that lukewarm tea and apple macbook laptops do not play well together. Not even HOT tea, lukewarm old tea. Knocked over. Onto the laptop. *sigh* Sorry about talking in the 3rd person. It's just to painful to say I DID IT!

After the weekend I will be posting a massive ravelry destash and etsy shop sale for your holiday stash enhancement. Come on, you KNOW you're not getting good yarn from anyone for Christmas. It's not gonna happen. Everyone that knows you thinks to themselves, "Boy, they have SO MUCH yarn. Can't get her/him any more of that!" (Unless you count gifts from other knitters who always know the perfect gift for any occasion is fiber!)


Happy Holiday Knitting everyone.....I'm not quite to that freaking out bit yet. Usually by the 10th I'm starting to get just a bit worried that my gift list is longer than humanly possible. I have 4 short flights ahead of me in the next 3 days, so I figure I'll finish at least 4 projects. Right? Yes, each flight is about an hour and a half and each project takes at least 6-8 hours of knitting. Why do you ask?

Let's not even talk about how I behave after the 15th yet. The 20th? Doesn't exist it's so FAR AWAY. Stop thinking about it. Don't count the days. There's STILL TIME!

Anyway, check back here soon to see my super sale details. I've gotta earn a few more $$ to buy a new laptop *sniff*. Going to kick the TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop in high gear plus some serious destashing from my monster stash as well. (And we all know I'm a yarn snob so I gots some good stuff buried in ziplock bags throughout my entire house!)

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