Monday, December 14, 2009

Please cross your fingers!

SO, dropped the dead macbook off at a repair shop that specializes in ipods, macbooks and all things apple. I should get a call within 24 hours with their verdict if it's truly dead and if not, how much it will cost to revive the poor thing. Compared to the apple store's program of ship it off, pay $750 and MAYBE they can fix it and MAYBE they can't, I'm thinking it's a good plan. So far I'm out nothing but tears. and stress. much, much stress. I figure if the laptop gods let me fix this for a reasonable sum of $$, I'll find some cats and give them treats. I would pay many cheezburgers to get my baby back to me. I happen to know a few knitters whose cats would not mind being pandered to (bribed).

Christmas sweater in, not a Christmas PRESENT for someone else. Oh no. This is selfish knitting at its worst. A list of knitted objects needed and what does this knitter do? Finishes a sweater FOR HERSELF. Because she WANTS to. Back to regularly scheduled stall knitting/stoplight knitting/late at night-who-needs-sleep Christmas knitting...1/2 more pair of wrist warmers, 1/2 pair of legwarmers, 2 hats and 1/3 of a baby blaket to go. No worries.

Better pictures promised after Christmas is over.
Details: Ingenue from Wendy Barnard in her book Custom Knits, cascade 220 (what else?), size Small. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater! Also love Santa. How cool is it that my company's party had the REAL SANTA stop by? What a kind soul. I am so blessed that I told him I already had everything I could possibly want or need, so please give me the continued health and happiness of my family and friends. (then later thought DOH! Should've asked for a new freaking laptop...Can I change that to health & happiness and for my laptop to work?) *sigh* I am truly blessed. I know it. I just still really REALLY want my baby to work again.

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