Thursday, March 01, 2007

Picovoli it is!

Well, after jogging up and down the street for about an hour yesterday, (Beth had a playdate and Jeff was traveling, so I couldn't leave for a regular run, just ran up and down the damn street while they played in our yard. Our neighbors are all in on the bet to see who has to mow the yard, so they're used to me acting crazy around here. I finally was able to sit down and knit. I was CRANKING on this baby. I am loving the pattern, simple, fast (even for those not hyped up on energy drinks) and cute as heck! I was still so jittery and crazy that I could only knit for about 10 minutes at a stretch even with my feet tapping and body wiggling along. I'd have to get up and actually do a run in place thing for a few minutes, then sit and knit again. I'm not recommending the overdose on the energy drinks, something combined that was a bit too much even for this caffeine-loving woman, but HOLY SHIT I got a lot done yesterday. Worked, worked out, ran, jump roped, knit my ass off, did laundry, folded AND put away, washed dishes, organized my desk, cleaned out two purses and a knitting bag, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, wiped down the counters and cleaned the stove, organized the fridge and freezer, cleaned two bathrooms, and finally got into bed by about midnight, where I was STILL humming along. I gave up trying to get to sleep and watched Little Miss Sunshine and LOVED IT! Finally dropped off sometime after 2am.

Thanks for your votes and opinions! I'm psyched on this sweater, you just dive in and poof it's a sweater! woo hoo!

Here in KC we had some serious storms going on last night. It's probably a good thing I was so wired and not trying to sleep because it was lightning, thundering, wind blowing, hailing off and on and flash flooding all over the place throughout the whole evening and night. Yesterday was 65 degrees again and this morning taking the kids to school it was snowing big fat flakes and windy. crazy.

Here's a little sign of spring poking up in our flower bed amidst the dead leaves and touch of snow.

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