Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Begin drooling now

OH MY HOLY HELL, have you ever seen anything more beautiful? I mean, sure a new baby could give it a run for the money, but it'd be close. My first installment of the Socks That Rock sock club 2007 came in the mail! WOO HOO! The color is called Monsoon and ohhhhhhhhhhh it's purrrrrrty. I haven't even wound it up yet, just carried it around the house with me arranging it into a crystal bowl while I'm in the kitchen, hanging it over the corner of my monitor while I'm here in the office, don't worry, with my dropping the cell phone in the public episode fresh in my mind I am drawing the line at bringing this into the bathroom with me. I'm not that stupid.

Good thing I was knocked out of the knit-off competition last night, now I can finish my picovoli sweater before the weekend and wear it to my brother's 30th birthday party and then decide what pattern to use for this sock yarn. It came with an interesting toe-up inside-out reversible cable thing, but it just didn't speak to me. I may have to just carry it around with me a while longer before I decide. I've still got half a sock to finish for Jeff out of the old boring green merino superwash stuff, so will try to get that done before warm weather hits in full stride. The coolest part of the whole kit and caboodle is the emergency sock yarn keychain. It's a tiny skein of the same yarn wound up and ready to go. It comes with a tag "emergency sock yarn. don't leave home without it." HAH! Good thing I decided to give up eating good food in the month of January to pay for it. Nothing wrong with eating ramen noodles to pay for sock yarn, is there? nah

FOUR POUNDS TO GO PEOPLE. Heck, I think I've poo-ed more than that before. It's getting DAMN close to the end and I'm getting DAMN thirsty for some mike's hard limeades. Oh, and Jeff wanted me to remind "all those women armed with pointy sticks" that I was the one who started this bet.

It's true. He always loved me no matter my weight or lack of energy. He was the one who held me when I cried because I split my denim skirt right up the seam and it was the last thing I owned that I could wear on my bottom half besides two pair of sweat pants last fall. Instead of getting on me about eating better or even *gasp* exercising, he took me shopping and bought me two new pair of very relaxed fit jeans two sizes larger than anything I'd ever owned before and told me I looked hot in them. He is truly a kind and loving man. I've just gotten really bitchy and scary to him lately and all our friends and family have been giving him such a hard time about "aren't you proud of Christine for what she's done so far?" "aren't you going to let her quit and just give her the damn money and not make her mow the yard" etc. He's holding to his end of the bargain because I'm the one who started this thing. It was ME who needed something major to motivate me to give everything I had one last time to either get in shape or die trying before I turned 40.

I actually poked him with a double pointed needle the other day because I was hungry and irritated and he was being obnoxious. Poked him hard. Then threatened him that he'd better be nicer to me because I had a whole army of women armed with even pointier sticks than me.... :) Nothing like a little threat in the morning, huh? Ah well. Life goes on. Non-knitters that get all the goods of a knitter's life need a poking every so often, right?

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