Monday, March 26, 2007

Whew boy did I miss you guys!

Man, I used to say that blogging was my version of cheap therapy. I didn't realize how almost true that was. Serioulsy, I felt like my head was going to explode without using this as my little outlet this past week. BUT it's NOT cheap. Yes, blogging is technically free, but every time I go out checking things out, I want to spend more freaking money on yarn, patterns, yarn, chocolate, yarn and well, more yarn.

First of all, have you seen THIS? OK, I did actually list some cotton on there last week and it went in HOURS man. HOURS. I spent a great deal of time today trying to figure out my new baby and post and do pics and all that fun stuff. I listed some malabrigo and other lovelies this afernoon. Now I have all this MONEY that is just sitting in my paypal account. Just sitting there. Not bothering anyone, wanting to be SPENT! I keep checking all the time because the good stuff goes in a heartbeat. I'm hoping to get into the apple store to figure out how to actually USE my new macbook that I Luuuuuuuuuuve. Got to survive another week with children in the house. Last week was my kids' spring break and this week is Jeff's kids and his boss is here so Jeff has to work all week.

What else has happened in this last week? Oh yeah, knitted my living ass off. Long, long ago I learned that cotton is not actually lighter than wool, and I made quite possibly the heaviest sweater on the face of the earth. My monsterly heavy and SO SO SO unattractive on me Tempting sweater got frogged and became this:

I finished up (except for the cool roses because I ran out of yarn and the Studio hasn't gotten my order in yet so I'm wearing it anyway dammit) my roses tank top. I was freaking out because the eyelet holes all over it were showing some serious skin. It's made of merino & silk, so I didn't want to wear a tank under it too because I would probably burst into flames here in KC, so tried it on with a black strapless bra and now love it! The garter edging flares just a bit at the top, I'll probably sew in a little bit of very thin elastic to help with that part of it, but I'm LOVING it! Click to see it in a larger version of all its loverlyness.

I got all let's use up some stash-y and figured out I have just barely enough to make chickami from ChicKnits, so it'll be close. I'm using 4 skeins of frog tree in an eggplant/purply colorway. It's a combo of silk & cotton I think. Too damn lazy to find the ball. I'm almost ready to split for arm hole shaping. It's a VERY fast knit. I'm all about these knit in the round with a little bit of shaping tops.

How can a man be so wonderfully supporting and loving and then still irritate the living hell out of every one of my molecules? RRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH I'm getting smarter. Really I am. My brain is starting to realize when it's time to shut my damn mouth and that anything I say at a certain point will NOT convince him that he's being a total dumbass. The only problem is that my mouth is usually about 12 minutes slower than my brain. Ah well. Three good things came out of my irritation this week on our "relaxing weekend at the lake." Relaxing my ass. Anyway...Good Thing #1--> I realized it is easier for me to keep my mouth shut while irritated if I have circular needles in hand. There's something connected between my fingers moving through the yarn and my lips being compressed together. Straight needles are no good. They make you want to point them at people to really get your point across, kind of like a gigantic index finger poking a big guy in the chest. Double points are no good. I really have a hard time not poking the hell out of a particular person (yeah, been there and done that). Circulars are good. No spare needle to be used as a weapon plus the threat of stitches falling off the ends of the needles. Good Thing #2--> I very smartly realized that while using every ounce of my being to hold my lips together and bite my tongue quite literally would probably majorly fuck up my tension, so I PUT DOWN the chickami sweater and picked up the boyfriend's current pair of socks. They're being knit on sz 3's, so much less likely to snap in half like my 1's (I may have had to beat the boy senseless if I snaped another rosewood needle on his behalf). I'm working on 2X2 ribbing, on thicker yarn on bigger needles. If it's tighter than usual, who freaking cares? see, I'm getting smarter every day. Good Thing #3--> I can use things in my life to inspire me. I came up with the PERFECT FREAKING KNITTING BAG IDEA. Let's call it the "Bite Me" bag. See, another reason to keep checking out destash. Actually I probably have enough cascade 220 there. I figure if I have the bag, maybe I can just casually turn it towards whomever is currently pissing me off and that will do my work for me. I'll feel better, the world will be a happier place. I'll keep you posted on my results. Due to said boy irritating me quite a bit this weekend, I knit the crap out of his socks.

In the last week, I've worn THREE tops that I've knit myself. I just love that I've finally figured out that just because I CAN knit something doesn't mean I SHOULD knit something. I'm trying to find things that look good on me and that I like. Using yarn that I love and that's it. I'm sure I'll encounter a few more serious knitted turds, but for now my track record is getting better. I've still got four tops that need frogging but for now they can sit folded and wait until I run out of current yarn.

Here's a few highlights from the weekend at the lake. First is "lake art" and the others are 3 of the 4 kids on their homemade huck finn raft.

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