Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brew to Brew run one more time

Dear Lord,

Please make sure I don't get lost this time and that I don't get eaten by hobos by the levee. Plus help me get through the 4.3 miles without barfing in public. amen.

Well, I had so much fun last time (was it really just 2 years ago?) that when my brother suggested I do the brew to brew run with his team, I said, "sure, why not?" You know, two weeks or more ago, this wouldn't be any big deal. I was cardio queen. Though I didn't enjoy running, I was DOING IT. I was jogging/walking about 2.5 miles almost every damn day. Then 2 weeks ago I got hit with the dual spring breaks. Last week I had my kids home all week. Every day. While I had to work. Every day. And I got Jeff's 2 boys a couple of those days as well. And had to work. at home. with 4 children, 2 of whom have not quite figured out that you can't go screaming through the house at the top of your lungs while I'm WORKING. Then this week my kids went back to school on Tues-Thurs. During the day I had Jeff's 2 boys who were instantly "BOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOORED" and up to inform me of that about every 20 minutes. Jeff's boss was in town so he had to work long hours as well. Let's just say I consumed more chocolate and mikes hard limeades and did almost NO running during the last 2 weeks. nice. I was having to convince myself that children are a blessing and not life-force-sucking-whining-mutant-slugs. a BLESSING. I realize that most days, but let me tell you, I'm gonna be one happy momma on Monday morning when these blessings are around me in smaller amounts of time.

I even pulled out my old food & workout journal to check things out. Nowhere in it did it say "10:00am smoked crack and decided to run the big race again this year." I checked. Ah well, wish me luck. (the hobo thing was because last time I ran it (back in my REALLY out of shape days) my team got to the starting line about 15 minutes late. They then convinced me I could catch up to the others. sure. Ran along, not too many people out there telling you where to go, couldn't even SEE the back of the group ahead of me. Ran and jogged along the top of the levee and ended up getting to a point with a locked fence and a sign that says "no entry." So, I turned along the gravel trail towards the levee, where it soon got overrun with brambles and weeds and such. A very hungry looking hobo man was watching me from behind the trees, I got MAJORLY freaked out and by the time my team FINALLY answered their cell phones and told me oh, yeah, you're supposed to climb AROUND the fence on those big boulders and not go down to the river. Let's just say it wasn't my favorite adventure. I ended up adding about a mile onto my part due to TWO wrong turns.

Wish me luck. The brew to brew run is run from a brewery in KC to one in Lawrence, KS. The 42 miles is split into 3-5 mile legs for teams or runners. The money raised will go to support Cystic Fibrosis so I should quit my bitchin and get running.

The good part is I get to ride along with my brother and part of the team, waiting while each person runs their leg. We're the last 3 runners so we get to sleep in a bit and join the rest of the group around 9:30am. I've packed my knitting bag for some nice car-ride knitting. Love that. I figured I'd start another picovoli, this time with wild orange handpainted yarn from twisted sisters and maybe try the picot edge. I'm also taking my ball of socks that rock that's been waiting patiently for a month now. I'm also taking my two energy drinks that I drank that one time that made me craaaaaaaazy with energy. Maybe they'll get me through the miles.

My cousin asked me the other day if I was ready for the race. I said "I think so. I got a pair of shorts from Target that are just the right combination of snug and loose, finally found a sweat-proof mascara so I don't look like someone used a sharpie under my eyes and bought a new razor to shave the legs." She said, "yeah. Um, I meant are you ready for the RUNNING part." oh. yeah.

Finished up my chickami and wore it today. Pics on Monday.

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