Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I need some opionions NOW please!

OK, I'm having MAJOR knit-craziness hitting me today. PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE what to make in this knitting craze. I have this cool yarn, twisted sisters jazz merino in the colorway lapis (crazy blues) and NEED TO KNIT SOMETHING RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, ok, actually later this afternoon/early evening is the first chance I'll have to knit.

Which should I do? I can hit gauge for either sweater and just can't wait for the download to come through on other sweaters I was thinking of. What do you guys think?

Bad Penny

I think I'm leaning towards picovoli because I think it would be more flattering and probably a faster knit, but I just don't know. I just can't knit any more on a long-sleeved sweater because the sun is shining and it's 60 degrees out and I need some cute spring-time tops! Also, if I go back to the Studio to get a few more balls of yarn I'll probably blow the entire paycheck. I'm in full-tilt CRAZY MODE where I just can't seem to stop jumping around! Someone either needs to slap me upside the head or I need to go run a few miles and settle my ass down. I think this is actually a sign that I am probably in need of serious medication. or chocolate. and beer. chocolate and beer. mmmmmmmmmmmm. one more week, baby.

Looking back, now I realize it wasn't such a great idea to combine two different forms of energy drinks before my workout today. I'm so pumped up and crazy right now I think I'm actually vibrating above the ground by an inch. seriously. Remember the good old days of the old metabolife? crazy, crazy energy pace of life? Yeah, I'm feeling like that but MORE PUMPED UP. I actually FORGOT that I'd sucked down some funky nasty "grape flavored" crap that actually tasted like pepper and grape and not in a good way with an aftertaste of fuel oil before Trainer Man gave me a GOOD energy drink that's healty and full of vitamin B stuff and not the massive chemicals and caffeine that I'd already pumped into this body. Yes, I forgot until after I drank his whole thing. I've burned so many fat cells I think I burned off part of my brain as well. I'm off to run around the block a few dozen times before I pick up the kids from school. If my hands don't give out tonight, I feel like I could knit a whole damn sweater. fingers be flyin'

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