Friday, March 02, 2007

Wish me luck!

Perfect timing, while I'm still in crazy knitter mode, the International Knit-Off starts tomorrow. Pattern is supposed to post tomorrow sometime and I have to be the first in my group of six to go to the next level. The knit-off was imagined and put into being by the same chic that started the sock wars. I'm excited, should be fun! I'm in Group A, if anyone else out there is competing.

Not much knitting got done on my picovoli sweater yesterday or today, but I hope to get a bit more done tonight. I was actually wanting to finish it before the knit-off started, but ah well.

Thanks for the votes and the encouragement everyone! I'm in the final stretch of the big ass bet. The deadline has been extended by one week since Jeff'll be traveling over the original dead-date. I've got until Sunday, March 10th to hit the weight goal. I'm really proud of myself, I think I finally feel good enough that I've made progress that I'm gonna do "the measuring" this weekend. I'll post before and after numbers. Just know that going into this thing, each of my thighs measured as big as my waist used to. How scary is that? A petite-boned woman walking around with two legs the size of whole people? wow. I'm pretty sure they've gone down at least an inch or more because all my clothes are big now. I didn't want to measure until now because if I wasn't down any I'd get mighty pissed off.

Off to knit my butt off, have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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