Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bounced right into the toilet

Yup. I was so excited about posting that picture yesterday that I bounced everywhere I went. Not walked, bounced. Much like Tigger. Isn't it funny that we can look in a mirror over and over and not see how we really look physically? It took the photograph before I saw that I looked so different. I was just bouncy bouncy bouncy, I was so pumped up I swear there was sunshine radiating out of my ass ears.

With all this energy and enthusiasm I knew I could make it through the last hellish days of the bet. (My body's pretty much decided it likes being THIS weight, not 6 pounds lighter thank you very much, so it's gonna get drastic around here until Sunday.) I took myself to the gym like the good little fitness crazed person I was becoming. Bounced into the bathroom stall, did my thing, flushed the toilet (THANK GOD FOR SMALL MIRACLES), turned, bounced and picked up my towel, ipod, locker key and cell phone (not wearing workout pants with pockets) to head up to the dreaded treadmill, when SPLASH! My damn cell phone plopped right into the toilet. I saved the ipod nano by INCHES from a watery grave. Let me tell you, if I lost my music, I'd not be able to keep up the exercise. It's like my superpower. After debating for a few moments on whether or not just to flush the phone away, I realized the sim card is in there and I'd need it for a new phone, I grabbed it out. ick ick ick Well, then I had to wash it off, right? yup, water damage. nice. 6 months to go before I get a new phone. *sigh*

WHY oh WHY didn't we get the insurance on the damn phone? I am known for dropping cell phones. Not just dropping them, often I try to catch them with my foot and end up kicking the poor thing across the parking lot. This actually wasn't the first cell phone to end up inside a public toilet either. A few years back I had an incident with a toilet full of my daughter's poo at Deanna Rose Farm in OP. nice. After cleaning the parts and leaving them all out in the open down near the wood stove, the phone is actually responding mostly well today, a part of the screen is psychedelic and the 6 button doesn't work. Really, how many times do you actually push the number 6? cripes.

The dreaded scarf is now about 8 inches long and is turning out to be kind of cool to look at. The only other person in my group for the knit-off competition that I've heard from restarted yesterday and is knitting along, so I'm still in this thing. I will probably complete it, my daughter has claimed it as for her, but I told her if I finish the damn thing we will have to share it because anything that I knit that makes my eyeballs burn that badly WILL BE WORN dammit. I didn't even work on the picovoli, I'll use that as a reward to look forward to right before bed. You know, it was a lot more fun when I rewarded myself with CHOCOLATE instead of more knitting. Ah well. just a few more days. Bet ends one way or another Sunday March 10th. Back to 6 pounds to go.

Damn this girl makes me laugh...

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