Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Computer issues

I'm still here, just can't freaking post on blogger or keep my computer from freaking out and crashing every few minutes. Damn damn damn. I'm borrowing a friend's laptop for a few minutes. I'm spending some hard-won $$ and buying a virus resistant imac tomorrow DAMMIT! Be back soon I promise. Oh and I've been singing Delta Dawn what's that flower you've got on..... all damn day now, thanks to Lynn in Tucson for sharing. Do you people not realize I have one of those minds that combines a freakish level of compulsive behavior with a very suggestable mind? cripes, I'm lucky no one's used me yet to start robbing banks. Who was that chic back in the 60's that was the movie star who was kidnapped then started working for her captors? The one that later drowned off a dock or something? Yeah. That'd have been me. but with jazz hands and freakish twangy music from the old days going along as my very own theme song.

KNITTING my ass off, lots of pics to share and some cool sites as well. I hope to have a post from the new computer SOON and the podcast is already brewing in my head baby. Brewing good. I've got at least 13 minutes of substance. Yeah. That'll not be a disaster.

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