Monday, March 12, 2007

Do I have the world's best man or what?

I've heard from a few long-time readers that though they still enjoy reading the blog and keeping up with my life, I was a bit funnier back in my bitter days of working in the dungeon and dating old men and other societal screw-ups. I agree. It's been a good long time since I went on a true rant. I miss that. But seriously, how can I not be all sunshine and roses when I have a man like this?

The day I hit the goal Jeff was traveling in California. I did it, I took a picture of my toes on the scale and then my cousin (bless her heart) was brave enough to take some full-body shots of me in a string bikini in her backyard. I'm sure the neighbors are wondering if she's got a 40-yr old pale white woman porn ring starting up or what. ANYWAY, this is the reply from the email I sent Jeff showing him my pics:

You are FUCKING beautiful baby! I'm proud of you. But mostly I love you.

Lordy Lordy I do love this man. I figure it's payback for some of the strangest, psycho-ist dates I've had to endure in my past. He deserves another couple pair of socks.

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