Friday, December 09, 2005

snow days

Whew! Yesterday and today are snow days so TWO kids are home with me. It's FREAKING COLD outdoors, so we've only been able to play outdoors for about 15-20 minutes at a time. Since it takes about that long to get both layered into their snow pants, boots, scarves, mittens, hats and coats, it's been quite an ordeal. I think I froze part of Joey's face yesterday as he's got little red patches on his cheeks. nice one mom. jeez. I think we're staying indoors today, as it's all of 8 degrees out. The poor dog was funny as hell yesterday morning, Miles is maybe 6-8 inches tall, and the snow was about 8 inches with drifts. I finally had to carry him out to the road to walk in some tire tracks. He was doing the bunny in the snow impression and it was cute as hell.

I knitted and crocheted my little fingers off yesterday and now have 2 afghans half-way done, 2 finished scarves, another finished wrist warmer. Now I think I'm gonna switch to the voodoo wrist warmers from knitty. One sock puppet (a socklet that was going to be way too large for Joey so I added buttons and a mouth and he's in heaven) and a bunch of laundry and a little bit of work. I've got to work today from home, so the kids are playing video games (more good momming here, huh?) and watching tv for a few hours.

Sorry for the lame posts, got to run. I'm searching for a good hat pattern for a plain old men's stocking hat (maybe lined with a smaller hat inside?) to make for my boyfriend, still in the midst of YEAH, I can knit that too.... knitting dementia. I'm sure reality will sink in soon and I'll be freaking out.

Anyone got some fast crocheted afghan patterns out there, I'm trying to make one MORE before Xmas...I've still not done the wedding gift afghan for my brother & his wife that were married in JULY. cripes.

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