Tuesday, December 06, 2005

winter knitty's finally up!

Can't talk, gotta go check out Knitty. I'm now knitting presents for the kids' teachers, scarves, wrist warmers (my very new favorite knit EVER) and gonna make lovahboy a hat for Xmas, but it has to be washable and dryable, so I'm off in search of something not totally acryllic as it makes my hands itch when I knit with it. I can crochet with it, but not knit it. How weird is that? I'm only a yarn snob when I knit? wtf?

Off to gaze and create yarn shopping lists in my head. Oh, and work. Plenty of work.

Miss A, we need to get together more often! Maybe in Jan. we can do a once a month girl's night or something.

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