Friday, December 16, 2005

Miss me? I sure missed you guys, I've got a lot of reading to catch up on now!

So I took a little trip to crazy-town. I went to the land of la-la where crafters go in the last week before Christmas. Yup, LOST MY FREAKING MIND. I ended up with a migraine, two days of lost time on presents and almost no studying for the big final. I decided I wasn't doing the damn final paper either. I got an A on the final, almost enough to get a B in the class (just a titch of flirting bumped me to the B). God, sometimes I'm glad to be a girl. 37 years old and FINALLY completed all the requirements to get my damn undergrad degree! woo freaking hoo!

OH I couldn't find a doctor to call in some imitrix for my migraines, mom was getting pissy as I kept taking her imitrix pills whenever I got one of those babies. Mom said call my gynecologist. WTF? I said, doesn't she sorta specialize on the OTHER end of me? but tried and she DID IT! I now have 100mg pills instead of mom's 50mg babies. They may just make me loopy as hell, but I'm glad to have them. Thanks for the comments, I thought I was the only one having that whole speech problem and was freaking out that I was actually having strokes. It's a bitch. Thank God the imitrix works for me, my friend is trying all kinds of freaky drugs to get hers under control. I only get them when I get too stressed so it's not too bad. The lovah-boy was very sweet and checking up on me the day of the migraine, but then was totally pissing me off last night on the phone while I was still hurting and loopy. Just little crap, but I'm like "you are NOT trying to pick a fight with a woman recovering from a migraine on the night before her final exam on her last class, ARE YOU????" Then (due to slow reflexes I'm blaming on the drugs) I came up with a zinger for a comment he made TEN MINUTES before. I called him back up, woke his ass up and said... "yadda yadda YADDA!" or whatever the clever remark was, can't remember now and he's like "oh. ok. goodnight." Today the boy must have been feeling bad as he called and was VERY nice to me all damn day. Damn straight buddy.

This will be a serious picture post, so click the baby pics to see big ones...

FIRST of all, we must all hail the almighty secret pal!!! See? did I lie? she was a-freaking-mazing! Pretty bag CRAMMED with....Fiber Trends The Sheep Tote pattern, Needle Felting Kit, AND natural roving variety pack to make the little cute needle felted sheep on the side, OH I've wanted this forever!, Second-Time Cool book for the Art of chopping up a sweater (very freaking cool), Stranded Color Knitting book, Stitch N Bitch Knit Happens Journal, psychedelic tin for notions, Ring Markers (I am ALWAYS needing those), cute pink rhinestone C keychain, a KnitPicks catalog with (drumroll please....) $THIRTY DOLLARS GIFT CERTIFICATE for YARN!!!!!, AND the coolest set of 1940's era "plain & thimble" soap, stitches hand cream, a thimble and a CUTE AS HELL little sewing kit. Are you in love with her too? I so am! THANK YOU KRIS for spoiling me all along!!!

So, what have I been up to anyway that made my brain go numb? Glad you asked! First, I finally completed the kids' latch-hook rug kits I'd started ages ago. Why now? Who the hell knows. They don't even count for Christmas presents, jeez

Next, everyone needs some tacky-ass plastic canvas gifts, don't they? Santa and his coasters are for one brother & his wife. Pig coasters with white picket fences (can you see the little curly tail?) are for my cousin, RV coasters with mountain scene holder are for mom & dad and there are actually two of the ugly apple gift totes to wrap my kids' teachers presents in. (OH I forgot to photo the pink sparkly scarf I made for Beth's teacher, crap.)

On to crochet work. For my daugher, a capelet made of lion brand homespun and trimmed in fun fur, which we all know is neither fun nor fur, but 9 year old girls love it. I'm also working on THREE crocheted afghans, but didn't wanna lug them out to take photos and NONE of them are done yet.

This IS a knitting blog, right? Scarf for Russell for bday and Xmas combined, fringe to be attached still and given Sat. night. Scarf made with plain ol' garter stitch on that WONDERFUL Schaefer's bumpy yarn. Wrist warmers for Joey's teacher and the librarian, nurse, music, art & pe teachers... OH and my mom and aunt. Three and a half pair down, a butt-load to go... LOVE this pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, they crank out in a few hours. I started with Art Yarns (sz 6 dpns) and then moved to Lorna's Laces superwash worsted weight (sz 7 dpns)and like that even better!

OH, I forgot about making this, I think I'm going to try to felt it and see what happens. Crocheted flower purse was a pretty fast project, so if it doesn't turn out I can crank out another one for my cousin's little girl and maybe for Jeff's niece too. (I just can't seem to stop myself now!)

And, last, but absolutely not least, we went and saw Santa Claus!

Tonight I've got TWO nine-year old girls a-giggling and one almost-6 yr old boy a-yelling just like in the Christmas carols, huh? I'm actually getting a LOT of crafting done! Feed 'em pizza, send them outdoors, then back inside and down to the nintendo room. I'm back baby, and I just might make it to Christmas without totally cracking up...maybe.

My wish is that all crafters finish their projects and still have time for sleep and spending time with family and friends on this holiday season (instead of sitting in the cold car saying "I'll be right there, stall the present opening for 5 more minutes, dammit!" like last year.)

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