Thursday, December 15, 2005

migraine yesterday

I had such a busy schedule set for yesterday, I was gonna conquer the world. Then I got this little flash of light in my vision. I thought, no. I didn't see anything. Then I think I saw it again.... This is not the start to a good afternoon, nope not at all. I ended up getting home in time to pop an imitrix (heaven sent I swear by this med.) and get into bed. I get strange migraines. I think they're actually mini-strokes and this probably explains a LOT for why I'm a titch ditzy every so often. I get loss of vision on the right side, my right side of my face AND HALF MY TONGUE goes numb, my right hand goes numb and I have a hard time forming words. If I don't get the pill in time I get the pain, but normally it's more of a dull ache with the meds, not too terrible as long as I can sleep for long periods of time.

I had just popped the pill and one of the other moms called needing to know where I took my daughter and her friends for Beth's bday party. I told her I had the start of a migraine and was on heavy drugs, so be patient. I tried to say "dye your duds" in olathe out by the movie theater." It was so strange. I could totally picture each thing I was trying to say in my mind, but the words wouldn't come out. It was like playing charades with a mentally challenged person. I finally got out "the place you do stuff to fabric....and it was out in the town where I work"...and I could not say movie theatre to save my life. I finally got out "you look at stuff up on a wall" and she figured it out.

So much for studying for my final or getting any knitting or crocheting done, guess it's time to take a break. Now I've gotta learn all there is about Hinduism, Buddhism, and other eastern religions before noon tomorrow. Guess I should'a done a bit more studying as the semester went on, huh? cripes!

I'll try to get my amazing secret pal pics up tonight amidst studying, you'll be amazed and envious of me. My kids were even going "oooooh" "wow" when I was opening the package, just like watching fireworks.

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