Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fantabulous day in court!

OK, so I didn't get out entirely, but I was able to get to pay HALF my fine without having to go back to court. The D.A. said I had to get a lawyer and get a court date if I wanted to negotiate, but I said, "but that one lady earlier this morning was able to pay half her fee today, what about that?" (said with eyelashes a-blinking--it may be 1950's style, but I've got great eyes and can woo dorky men with them. The D.A. was not what we'd call a stylish man.) He said, well, the judge does have to power to override the protocol. I went up, did my stuff, and the judge told me I'd have to get an attorney to contact the DA and then set a court date for Dec. 21, etc. and I did the poor little single momma....I don't want to have to take more time off work....and just did the sad eyes thing (no 1950's blinking this time as the judge was a cutie, older man but a cutie). I said I could afford to pay half now, but attorney's fees would cost even more than the ticket I can't afford to pay now and ...... He sighed, said, "you can pay $90 today?" I said "yes please." And I paid my money and I am DONE! yeah for me! Glad that's over. I have been working on driving the speed limit lately. I never realized how often I was a speed momma. cripes.

I also sat & knitted along and finished another wrist warmer. 5 down and about 5 to go. Anyone out there got cold wrists? I can keep you warm baby. Add it to my Xmas list. On the way out of court, the man standing looking official with his gun said "You know you really aren't supposed to have knitting needles in the courtroom." and when I asked why he didn't come tell me to put them away he said he figured he could take me if I caused any trouble. bwaaa ha ha haaaaa I've got them all fooled. With 5 wooden size 6 double points I could take over the world..... please people. SO, if you're going into court, do the "don't ask don't tell" system. If you ASK if you can do something, people tell you no. If you don't ask, and just do it in a non-threatening way you can do whatever you damn well want to. I've used that philosophy in most of life. Antidisestablishmentarianism, it's a good thing. Ok, I don't actually know if that's what that is, it was just a word I remember winning a spelling bee in 4th grade with.

OH for all you Xmas party drinkers out there...(and you jazzercising/drinking/dancing fools too!) I heard something on the radio called Chasers. You take 2 pills with your first drink of the night and you're supposed to wake up feeling great. They sell them at Walgreen's, so I'm gonna get a bottle and try them out! NOT that I ever imbibe, no, not me. That wasn't MY face in the toilet hurling on my bday night. I figure it couldn't hurt.

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