Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My secret pal strikes again!

Ok, I have no time for details now, I'll load the pic and give the goods tomorrow, I promise. Let me just say HOLY FREAKING COW I got the motherlode of good stuff! SP, you really were the best EVER! Each present I got was as big as the final send-off could have been and the final send off was a doozy!!! You also inspired me to try things I otherwise wouldn't have thought of, thank you THANK YOU thank you!!!

On home front, I'm wrapping presents, still crocheting presents, COMPLETED a few more projects, started a few more, I KNOW I know I KNOW it's insane. Holiday Dementia strikes again.

OH and my daughter of all of 9 years old got her first phone call from a BOY tonight. The father called first to make sure it was ok with me that a boy call my girl, just as friends, but still wanted to make sure. OH it was freaking cute, slightly freaked me out, but still freaking CUTE! OH how much longer will she still want to talk about her friends and boys with her mom? I sure hope a few years longer.

I also have santa pics of the kids to post too! I promise to get my rear in gear soon!

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