Thursday, August 17, 2006

What I heard this morning that made me snort in a most unladylike fashion...

"It's a sad day." *sigh* was said by this lady next to me at the bank this morning. The teller said "oh, why, did someone close to you die?" "No, my children are all back in school" *sighhhhhhh*

I thought she was kidding, so of course I said "YEAH! HAH!" and then this loud laugh/snort thing came out of me. Ummm. Yeah. She was serious. I think she also is suffering from a frontal lobotomy, but that's just me. I was like "let's break out the booze people....WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! It's 8:10am!!!" This is my first summer as a "stay at home mom" sorta. I was also having to WORK at home and entertain children and all that. I have been counting down the days, the hours, the minutes until my freedom. It's also good for the kids, don't get me wrong. They had a BLAST and loved their teachers, but Lady, seriously, there's more in life than being all verklempt because your children are not hanging at your sides every moment of the day. Let the little birds fly a bit. You still get them at 3:00pm. No worries. After getting looks of death from the lady as well as all three tellers (who are too young to have children and know the joy of the first day of school ANYWAY) I went on my way and enjoyed the crap out of my quiet morning.

I've now got CONNECTED SHOULDERS on the sizzle, and am ready to sew the sides. WHY can't I ever figure out that damn mattress stitch? It always makes me sleepy. I think I'll bring it along to the Yarn group tonight and find someone to take pity on me.

Here's the parting shot this am before we walked to school. Yes, those are berbera daisies grown by MOI taken to the teachers on the first day. Who wants apples, anyway?

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