Friday, August 18, 2006

The new and improved bikini

OK, through a great amount of sheer will I have decided not to burn the sexy little knits book I purchased with my gift certificate. It is important to me that I didn't pay my own cash money for this book since it has pissed me off to such levels. Even with Teri's help, the top of the knitted suede bikini just looks like crap. It doesn't conform to my bod, it just kinda hangs there with a BLAH feeling to it. SO, I'm donating the book (with my own warning label of errors with NO posted corrections) to the local knitting guild. I have found a NEW cooler, sexier piece that I WILL make and WILL wear on the beach at least once on my big Maui trip. Nexstitch's teenie weenie bikini! It, unfortunately, is NOT knitted. It is crocheted. Well, not quite crocheted, TUNISIAN crochet. I'm not sure what the heck that means, but it's got fantabulous little movies to watch and learn. I just so happened to have the long afghan hook needed from a stash of metal knitting & crocheting needles I got from my Aunt Janice (bless her heart she died of breast cancer years back and was the one who got me started on my big ol' infatuation with all things fiber...cross stitch, crochet and now knitting). I'm about 4 rows in and am surviving. I already had blue berroco suede yarn, so I'm good to go. Got to run and find the weird hook things that hold it together. I'll post pics soon.

Because I am the Knitting Virgin, I am not a knitter who just instinctively recognizes when a pattern is going wrong. I now always google for errors on any new books or projects just in case. My perfect example of a GOOD responsible author is to do as Debbie Stoller has on her Stitch N Bitch books. I post these not to show she has errors since almost ALL knitting books come out with errors. It's just going to happen with that many people and machines involved. Responsible, lovable authors post their damn corrections out on the web. I LOVE my SNB books and I'm telling you, I love Debbie Stoller even more now. Here's the links to her books' corrections just in case you are a closet SNB-lover too.
Stitch N Bitch the knitter's handbook corrections and SNB Nation corrections
the Happy Hooker Crochet SNB corrections

That's what I'm talkin' about.

My goals for the weekend are to FINISH my sizzle sweater and get a boob or two done on the bikini!

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