Thursday, August 24, 2006

Because you just can't milk a finished object too much...

The sizzle sweater after its debut to Garrozo's restaurant last night with Jeff & mom & dad for their 40th wedding anniversary dinner. After we got home we enjoyed the new screened-in porch Jeff built with a few beers.

Note the matching shoes please. I'm quite proud of them. In case I haven't mentioned it 14 times yet, I love this sweater!

Poor pluto. Doesn't get to be a planet any more. So sad.

I'm starting to stress a bit on our big trip that's in exactly 8 days. No paperwork has gotten here yet. Every time I call the foundation, our wish coordinator is all "oh. yeah. well. see....." apparently there's a bunch of kids getting sent off at the last minute without all their stuff coordinated yet. They have to get them done first, and can then get around to my family. yeah. Well, in about 2 more days, WE'RE gonna be one of those last-minute families being sent off without anything in place. cripes almighty. I'm TRYING to be patient since this is a CHARITY and it's free. I can't complain, but I can SERIOUSLY stress out, can't I? I called yesterday again and am trying as hard as I can not to call today, but will probably call just to check in. I'm trying to be understanding and taking the "hey, I know you have a lot going on right now..." tack but it's hard to keep the desperate scream of "WILL YOU GET THIS SHXT ORGANIZED BEFORE I RUPTURE MY BRAIN" come through my voice.

I even went to a power yoga class this morning to help with the getting in shape and also to calm my brain. Holy crap, I always was under the impression that yoga was a bunch of gentle stretches. wow. I think I broke my entire body.

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