Monday, August 21, 2006

How hot is it in KC?

Well, let's just say it's sizzle'in! A real-live FFO! (finished freakin' object) My apologies for more "artsy" pictures. I really did find the timer for my camera, I just can't make it GO on! cripes. AND I'm wearing a putrid orange skirt with the dark red sweater, not showing it off to it's full advantage, but I'm lazy and don't care. ANYWAY, here's what I got! I've still got to stitch the neckline together and sew in 3 more ends, but it's DONE! and I LOVE IT!!! I wish I wouldn't have been quite so modest in my neckline, I think I'll make one more and go lower like the designer did. GOD I love Wendy's patterns! She needs to design MORE MORE MORE sweaters just to make me happy. Is that too much to ask? I finally got smart and did a GOOD JOB of the mattress stitch, taking my time and using pearl cotton thread instead of the big cotton yarn. For those of you cross stitchers out there, I used DMC 498, or as I will always think of it, Christmas Red. It is my best bit of seaming to date. (ok the other seams in the past were really REALLY crappy, but STILL this one looks GOOD!)

That last one is the bikini without the side straps done yet and a buttload of yarn ends to weave in. I am LOVING the tunisian crochet. Once you get used to it, you just crank right along. I'm gonna finish the side straps and then start in on the bottom. It's weird. If I weren't going on this big ol' trip, there's no way in heaven I'd ever spend time and effort knitting or crocheting a bikini, let alone wearing one. I just think it's one of those things I want to be able to say I did. It'll go on "the list". You know that life list that's floating around blogland, where you type in bold the things you've done, like dancing in the rain (done it), buying the whole bar a drink (not on your life, I'm a cheap lush), and stuff like that? I think I need my very own list of cool things to do before I leave this earth, and I think wearing your own hand-created swimsuit on a beach should be number 27.

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