Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a little packing for the trip

4 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Pioneer (greys & blues & browns) will become socks for Joey, Mixed Berries will become socks for Elizabeth and 2 skiens of Flames for me with any leftover to make a pair of matching anklets for Elizabeth! I can only get along with this "looking like my mom is cool" stuff for a few more years if I'm lucky, so I'm milking it! (right now we have matching shrugs and a set of matching dresses, I figure 9 1/2 yrs old, I'm down to socks before total disassociation sets in)

I was in Olathe returning the sundresses I'd bought before my amazing trip to the swimsuit shop. The 2 dresses I'd gotten before were from the dress barn (nothing against them, they've got very cute stuff) BUT one really did resemble a couch from the 70's and the other looked like the dresses Elaine always wore in the 80's on Seinfeld, you know the long drapey ones that had no definition, just kind of like an 80's version of the mu-mu with buttons all down the front? And did I say they went almost to my ankle? OK, it's hard to find sexy sundresses in the fall! ANYWAY, back to the story...I was in the neighborhood of Knit Wits yesterday (just east of I-35 on 151st Street) and walked up to the door before I remembered it was MONDAY!!! She's closed on Sundays and Mondays since this is a small owner-run shop. The goddesses of yarn were smiling down upon me since Jan was in the shop doing some inventory work! She opened up the door and invited me right on in. I thought it was so sweet of her! I said, I can come back another time, I know you're not open, but she said "nonsense" and sent me on in. (the fact that I'm a total addict and OUT OF CONTROL in her shop I'm sure didn't have anything to do with why she let me in!) I got the sock yarn above and wandered back to her sale bins. OH OH OH people, she's got 6 BIG ASS BOXES of sale yarns that are all $3/skein. AND A LOT OF IT and good brands! I got enough yarn to make Beth and I each a sweater and am going BACK after I get back from our trip. She's got a small shop and has the best sale yarn in the world to make room for her stuff. Go check it out and please say you read about it on Christine's blog to make up for me always being a pain in the butt in her shop!

Seriously, $3/skein of all kinds of stuff, and a lot of it she's got entire bags of so you can make some nice projects! Go, spend, be merry!

YES I already have enough opal sockyarn to outfit my entire family, but I thought I'd gradually get the kids on board with softer socks as their first official socks from mom. Don't have any idea of what patterns I'm using, but I'm going to try to find something pretty generic and easy to do, toe up? top down? I think I'll try to wind them into 2 equal balls and then do toe up to get the most out of the yarn. That'll take care of my projects for the trip out & back. I've got almost all of one jaywalker sock done and hope to finish the other on the trip as well.

Teresa, you look gorgeous and so happy on your Hawaii pics! SO glad you & your hubby had a good time!! Countdown is now THREE DAYS and, um, NO itinerary or info on our trip yet. Not worried, nope, not me. I'm getting on that plane one way or another. I know the hotel is booked and that's good enough for me. Nope, don't know the rental car company we're supposed to use, but still NOT worried. I'm not going to call the foundation again until tomorrow and if I still don't have any info, they'll just have to give me as much info over the phone as they can or email it and get over it. Nope, not worried. School and work is all arranged for this big trip, children are beyond excited, I'm a titch excited too. NOT going to have it all fall through at the last minute. Not gonna happen. I have a swimsuit that LOOKS GOOD on me and new knitting projects to start DAMMIT!

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