Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lake critters and knitting bags

I'm still moving slowly today, thank God for Imitrix! I think it just wipes me out to be around 4 children all the time (we're almost to the end of Jeff's big 2 weeks with his boys and my 2 kids--they all get along most of the time but it's a LOT of kids in a small house). I end up getting stressy and pissy and then migrainey and it's not a pretty picture. How did the mothers of the 50's and 60's do it back when families were all 4-6 kids each? I thought on it last night in an imitrix-induced haze and figured it out. ALCOHOL! Seriously! LOTS and LOTS of alcohol. Plus, mothers could just open the door Saturday morning and kick her children outside into the neighborhood to not be seen again until dark. Each family had a lovely little wetbar on the dining room buffet, happy hour every afternoon to evening....The words inside this card read "Monica, dear, that was a precious little story. Now, be a sweetheart and fix mommy another drink."

SO, this weekend before the total stressybiotch set in, I was knitting along on the sizzle sweater, having myself a good time while children were jumping into the lake, running around after salamanders and tubing, etc. When Sunday late morning came around, I picked up the dirty clothes from the floor, shook things out in case any little baby spiders were trying along, picked up the sizzle from the ground, and WHAT do you think fell out of my knitting bag? Go ahead, guess!

Only, this wasn't a picture of the actual critter. (I was afraid it would eat me so I wasn't gonna go get my camera so I found an image of the bugger online. Apparently Missouri is home to the striped scorpion. lucky us.) After much heeby-jeeby-ing and screaming and a few curse words (ok, more than a few) I realized I was the only one in the house with this monster (AT LEAST 3 INCHES LONG no less). The kids and Jeff & my dad were down in the water at the dock. Mom was sleeping upstairs. I was freaking out, couldn't find anything to smash it with except one of my flip-flops. After smacking it twice, I swear to God I heard it say "BRING IT ON BABY" and it flexed its curled stinger tail and came TOWARDS ME! (I'm covered with chills even just typing this crap, ICK). So, for once being thankful I have big feet, smashed the critter with my 9 1/2 size foamy flippies until it was no longer moving, then gave a huge ROAR of the mighty knitter protecting her yarn. Could you imagine if I took the critter home with me and stuck my hand in to pull out my yarn? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

Did a few more rows of the back of Sizzle last night, don't exactly know when to bind off the middle neck and start the shoulders, so I put the whole thing on an extra circ needle and am going to hang onto it until I get the front of the sweater done and figure it out then.

I think I've had quite enough of nature for the summer. Nature is best admired through the glass window of an airconditioned vehicle. Less creepy. And I went and found a true love of a nature boy. I'm doomed.

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