Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Results of the 3 day diet

Well, it wasn't a 10 lb loss miracle, but it was a good jumpstart on getting the numbers on the scale to start moving. Morning of Day 4....153.2, so 5 pounds gone. I'm sure it was mostly water and other icky things, but still I feel better, ate a lot of roughage and protein and am going to try to eat normally for a few days and do it again. My overall opinion on the deal is "mehhhhh whatever." moderately ok, but I'm a believer basically.

On to more important things....KNITTING! I'm steadfastly trucking right along on the sizzle sweater, not doing ANYTHING else until it's DONE (so not like me, the multi-project-wonder) but I want to see if it fits!!! I'm almost to the top of the shoulders and ready to join the thing. Then a bunch of seed stitching borders around sleeves and v-neck and I'm wearing it one way or another.

I haven't done a thing on the sexy little knits bikini once I got the top triangles done and started in on the bottoms as I got fed up with the entire concept. I think I'll just crochet a bikini as it will probably have a better fit. I'll get my corrections done and forward them along to those interested but otherwise I'm about ready to tank the entire book. I hear there are errors on the other items I was looking at doing too, and they're just not cute enough to warrant that much effort on my part. (Hey, the 5 lb skinnier me is just not as patient as before.) Anyone wanting the book, email me and let me know. I'm done with it.

We heard from the foundation on our Maui trip!!! WOO HOO BABY it's getting close to beach time! We've already received 2 junior metal detectors for the kids to go treasure hunting on the beach, we'll also get boogie boards & life jackets rented for the week for my 2 kids, a family ticket to a big ol' luau party, a 6 hour boat ride with 2 snorkeling locations, private surfing lessons for the 2 kids for 2 hours, and the rest of the week is ours to wander around the beach. I'm trying to figure out what the new flying restrictions are, this NO bringing water on-board, no hand-held electronic devices, etc. is going to be a pain with that long in a plane with 2 kids, but hey, we can make it through anything! I've got to get some good knitting projects picked out to take along. Anyone heard anything on the ol' knitting needles controversy with the new restrictions in place? I'm guessing socks with wooden dpns should be ok. I'll have to check the rest of the stuff. Teresa, have fun on your trip!!!! I know you'll come back all relaxed and tan and beautiful, heck you're going OVER looking all relaxed and tan and beautiful!

Later Gators, we're off to the CF clinic for a last checkup and extra school forms and other fun stuff like that!

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