Monday, August 07, 2006

sizzlin right along

SO, while shopping with my best friend Jildo the other day, I came upon a pair of shoes ON SALE for $20 at the Jones Store. The color spoke to me. I am normally not a red-wearing person, but I am trying to get more color into my life (hence the purple sweater just completed and the orange-phase of this summer). I pulled them out of the box to put in the closet (they've been in my trunk for a week at least) and HOW COOL IS THIS????? The same exact color as the cotton yarn I got for my sizzle sweater? How cool is this? very.

The back of the sizzle. I'm knitting it on needles 2 sizes smaller than those needed to get gauge on my swatch. I don't know why the 4" square turned out fine, but the sweater is much larger stitches. I don't really care any more. I'm just making it. I'm also making 1 size smaller than I need, I figure the cotton will stretch sideways and this is one that I'd like to be form fitting. I may curse a great deal if my little experiment doesn't work out, I may have to find a skinny minny to take the sweater off my hands when I'm done, but so far, holding the back up to me seems to fit ok, cross your needles for me! I should finish up the armholes soon but have a stupid says to knit until the armhold depth is 6". Is that measured around the armhole or straight? I don't know. I'm gonna just knit and hold it up against my body until I like the look of it. The sweater is going remarkably fast even though it's good ol' stockinette stitch and I do not enjoy the purling along every other row. I'm such an in-the-round knitter. I thought very seriously about knitting it in the round until the armholes and then going back & forth, but that took too much darn thinking. Maybe if I like it, I'll do it on the next one.

Survived the lake with 4 kids, but ended up fighting a migraine today so am going very slowly.

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